Once Again Shoppe celebrates 30th anniversary

Once Again Shoppe Board of Directors
The Once Again Shoppe, on East Elm Street in Penn Yan, celebrated its 30th anniversary with a reception Oct. 3 for the many volunteers who have made it both possible and a great success.

"Thank you to all our volunteers, past, present, and new."

In June of 1991, a group of people went to the Area Council of Churches to discuss the idea of creating a secondhand store in Penn Yan. The purpose of the store was to provide affordable secondhand clothing to the entire community. It also was hoped to help people under certain circumstances such as fires, unemployment, illness, during times of crisis, etc.

The store was to be run by volunteers, thereby giving the retired and elderly a meaningful place to help serve the community. With the advancement of $1,000 from the Council of Churches and a representative from each of the member churches, the project got underway.

The first board of directors consisted of The Rev. Brad Hunt, Lorelie Avellaneda, Marge Cornell, Cheryl Turner, Calla Walker, Jennifer Jensen, Marjorie Moulton, Mary Hoose, and Daisy Hall. Many of these people continued to volunteer for many years. In fact, Bill Turner and Bea Christensen, who were involved in the initial opening, are still volunteering today.

The party included a photo board of the many volunteers who have given their time so generously to the Once Again Shoppe.

The founding ladies found a building across from our present site, recruited volunteers, and The Once Again Shoppe was born. It opened in July of 1991, and was run completely by volunteers. As the store grew, the people of the community requested used furniture and other household supplies. Following the request, the present building we reside in was purchased in 1993, and a new nonprofit corporation called "The Penn Yan Area Council of Churches Community Action Program" was born.

During the first week that the store was opened, it took in about $100 a day. Today, our income per day is about ten times that amount. The money that we make is donated to community agencies; last year close to $60,000 was donated to the community. We're proud of where we started, where we are now, and where we're going.

The mainstay of The Once Again Shoppe is its volunteers. Without you, donations from our neighbors would never be processed, and our community of Penn Yan would not be blessed with a shop such as ours. It truly takes a village to operate and sustain an outreach program like the Once Again Shoppe.

In 1999, Barbara Pringle was hired as our store manager and we cannot thank her enough for the growth and expansion of the Shoppe.during her time with us. Today, we have two store managers, Becky Leach and Judy Woodruff, who were also volunteers for many years before they became managers. In fact, Becky volunteered in the beginning, when the Shoppe was across the street.

Our board members are also volunteers, who put in many hours and used their various talents and strengths to help the store grow and flourish. We thank them, along with all the people who have spent so much of their lives making the Once Again Shoppe into what it is today. We wish we could thank all of you by name, but since that is impossible, please know that all the hours you have spent at the store, are very much appreciated and valued by us and the community.

Once Again Shoppe board

President: Alice Rothfuss

Vice President: Wanda Wood

Secretary: Dawn Shipman

Co-Treasurers: Trish deMontfort & Ronald Salyer


MaryLou Andrus

Christopher Bailey

Rev. Paul Malles

Nancy Preziosi

Crystal Tomion

William Turner


Rebecca Leach & Judy Woodruff