IBEW Local 840 to support for Greenidge Generation at hearing


Will Speak at Public Hearing Today, Oct. 13  in Favor of Renewal of Existing Title V Air Permit for Dresden Facility

The Greenidge electric power plant near Dresden.

DRESDEN -- The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 840 announced today that it strongly supports renewal of Greenidge Generation’s Title V Air Permit and will present that position at a public hearing slated for this afternoon, Oct. 13.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is the most established and extensive electrical union in the world. Its members helped build the country upon the advent of electricity and have driven the economy forward, during the best and worst of times, for the subsequent century. Its presence in New York State began in the early days of the organization and has remained constant and strong ever since. There are approximately 36,000 IBEW Members across New York, and 175 within Local 840 serving the Finger Lakes region.

IBEW Local 840 Business Manager Mike Davis will speak at today’s public hearing and released the following comments in advance of his remarks:

“While there has been a great deal of noise about Greenidge lately, there should be no ambiguity about where our loyalty falls at the IBEW; we stand with Greenidge because we know their record. During the worst of COVID-19, Greenidge’s fully approved bitcoin mining operation has been a backbone for our union. It has provided our workers, via partnership with O’Connell Electric, with steady employment day after day, supporting their families. Greenidge is not seeking to increase their power generation capacity. What they are doing -- with our help -- is creating the high-tech jobs of the future right here in Upstate New York. We encourage the Department to swiftly complete its work and issue a Final Title V Air Permit for Greenidge.”