September deed transfers in Yates County

Staff Reports
Yates County Office Building

Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk's Office during September 2021 include:


Luke H. & Naomi B. Shirk to Vernon & Carolyn Stauffer, $300,000

Robert K. & Lora E. Prior to Lora E. Prior, $0

Christopher Hunt & Mary Staudenmayer to James E. & Ardis C. Hartney, $900,000

The Donna Rhoades Trust to Steven W. & Linda A. Forrest, $1,380,000

Bruce A. Jones, Executor & Eloise Jones-Raymond, Executor to Baird R. Booth & Robert A. Neu, $168,000

Robert & Candida Huber to John & Janice Travis, $65,000

Suzanne M. Royer to Suzanne M. Royer Revocable Trust, $0


Roger L. Ward to William B. & Amelia H. VanDyke, $210,000

Lyndon D. Stickles & Gina M. Zito to Keuka Leasing LLC, $310,000

Chrles R. & Catherine A. Alcock to Bruce Alcock, $70,000

The Helen Spencer Warren Revocable Living Trust & Estate of Helen Spencer Warren to Glen M. & Marlene W. Zimmerman, $157,500

Derek S. & Lucy A. Stork to Brendan McCafferty, $192,000

Douglas J. Minns & Julie Henderson to Patricia L. Gilbert, $592,000

Susan A. Willson to Stephen J. & Lindsay C. Willson, $150,000

Estate of Corinne W. Stork to Stork Family Properties LLC, $1

Stephanie A. Gleason to Marvin Eby & Alma Rissler, $225,000

Anna Marie Black to Laura A. Black & Jacob P. Perry, $0

Patrick & Sandra McGuire to William Waller & Susan Evans, $74,400

David J. Wegman to George & Kristen Courtney Living Trust Agreement, $99,000

James & Virginia Hoover to James W. Hoover and Virginia R. Hoover Irrevocable Trust, $0


Scott Colf to 7 H Properties LLC, $70,000

Anna Salisbury to Steven & Suzanne Gentz, $65,000

Carol Wolfe to Duke Clark, $0

Gary Socola to Robert & Anne Marie Snell, $10,000

Rebecca Soble to Timothy McWilliams, $159,900

James F. Hicks to Shelly M. Collins, $0

James F. Hicks to Jason A. & Rachael M. Lamphier, $0

James F. Hicks to Jeffrey S. Hicks, $0

Alan McCall to Durwood Bassett, $1

Janet M. Wong, Co-Executor & Daniel B. Mills, Co-Executor to Janet M. Wong & Daniel B. Mills, $0

Brian & Jennifer Gruschow to David J. Capone Jr., $170,000

Kevin King to Wendy Pool, $135,000

Stephen M. Leone to John M. & Carol E. Ovenshire, $76,000


Michael Moss Estate to RMCN Properties LLC, $34,000

Vaughn A. & Phoebe R. Baker to Kirk C. & Jennifer Q. Baker, $0

John H. & Joan E. Nicholson to Earl & Marla Makatura, $575,000

John H. & Joan E. Nicholson to Earl & Marla Makatura, $525,500

William B. & Amelia H. VanDyke to Wendell Horst & Esther Mae Weaver, $550,000

Don Rydman to Christopher Peacock, $25,000

Lawrence Matteson to Mary Kay matteson, $1

Ronald Macartney, Kathleen Macartney, Scott Macartney & Shari Roemer to Ronald T. Macartney & Kathleen A. Macartney, $0

Ronald & Kathleen Macartney to Jonathan P. & Megan E. VanCampen, $285,000

Edward L. Pinneo, Executor to Timothy W. & Marilyn R. Pinneo, $24,000

Edward L. Pinneo, Executor to Adam M. & Nicole L. Folts, $115,000

Michael H. & Linda J. Folts to Adam M. & Nicole L. Folts, $0

Douglas Rysewyk to Justin Galusha, $120,000

Leonard G. Lang and Delores B. Lang Trust to John E. & Kelly R. Lane, $725,000

James F. & Wae Jung Rogers to R. Parker & Brenda E. Reynolds, $650,000

Estate of Jean C. Robinson to Gail & Thomas Wright, $0

Colleen P. Lang to James & Paula Rice, $296,000

Smith Family Cottage LLC to Smith Family Trust, $0

Patricia A. Gunderman Irrevocable Trust to Jessica M. Cintron & Gilberto Cintron Melendez, $175,000

Richard R. Sherman II to John A. & Rita G. Zollo, $225,000

Louis & Coralie Glantz to Louis H. Glantz Living Trust, $0

Edmund E. Eaves to Brian W. & Jody L. Thayer, $60,000

Adam Morehouse to Morgan E. Simmons, $140,000

Dale H. Morehouse, Jean L. Morehouse, & Michael C. Morehouse to Adam M. Morehouse, $380,000


Charles H. Domm to Michael T. Domm, $0

Paul H. Simmons Estate to Bobbi Lynn Simmons-Sarnov & Paula Cipolla, $0

Louis Aaron & Jeanette Aaron to Louis Aaron IV, $0

Paul W. Bleakley as Referee for Rodney J. Bassett to National Associate HSBC Bank USA, $188,959.96

Linda K. Green, Executor to 247 Acres LLC, $375,500

Timothy J. Lafler & Keri L. Link to Timothy J. Lafler, $0

Christopher Cannova, Trustee of the Joseph M. and Mary Ellen Cannova Living Trust to Daniel Robeson, Trustee of the Robeson Living Trust, $0

Michael Cannova, Executor of the Estate of Alice C. Robeson to Christopher Cannova, Trustee of the Joseph M. and Mary Ellen Cannova Living Trust, $0

4617 Wildflower LLC to Marianne Stahl, $225,000

Wayne F. & Julie B. Wegman to 630 East Lake LLC, $0

Melody Finke-Delfs to Nicolas & Marcy Ann Masyga, $1,265,000


Jalil S. Lynch to Michael J. & Patricia M. Hoffman, $141,500

Marcelle R. Mitchell to Corlin Rea Merritt, $0

Michael D. & Rosanne M. Best to Holly Christine Cebulski & Heather Marie Maier, Co-Trustees of the Best Irrevocable Trust, $1

Robert E. Ruth P. Davis Trust to Harry E. & Catherine A. Scott, $220,000

Michael H. & Jennifer L. Smart to Shawn Barker, $157,000

Thomas R. & Martha K. Waynick to Martha Giroux, David Arthur Waynick, & Gillian Waynick Carey, $0

Estate of Michael J. Willis to Tina Marie Fenton, 0

Todd & Mary Sotir to Melissa Sotir, $0

Paul Jayne & Alvin Zimmerman to Paul & Pearl Jayne, $0

Wava Mae Matzat to Richard C. & Margaret K. Zakin, $896,000

The McFetridge Family Irrevocable Trust to Yates County Industrial Development Agency, $1,070,000

Derek J. Race to Nancy Martinez Ortiz, $135,000

Lorelie Avellaneda & William Reader to Alicia Avellaneda, Christian Avellaneda, & Gabriel Avellaneda, $0

William Reader to Alicia Avellaneda, Christian Avellaneda, & Gabriel Avellaneda, $0

Edward S. Fox to Paul H. & Esther S. Reiff, $1,075,000

Janice M. Corse & Mary Katherine Baker to Amy C. Shick, $150,000

Charles D. & Cindy A. Champlin to Mark Versaggio, $146,500

Linwood L. & Cindy K. Hough to Jack & Lyndsey Adams, $79,000

Joesph G. & Mary Beth Burke to Caryl L. Wenzke, Trustee of the Wenzke Children Asset Trust and Matthew & Jennifer Wallace, $875,000

Edith A. Bollen to Lisa A. Dinehart, $0

Michael P. VanAuker to Michael P. & Renee S. VanAuker, $0

Ivan W. & Anna H. Martin to Alex R. Breeds, $19,000

The McFetridge Family Irrevocable Trust to Big Moose Holding LLC, $393,906

Catherine M. Earl, Eugene A. Johnson, Warren C. Johnson Jr., & Richard A. Mosier to Matthew J. Fletcher, $152,000




Fiona G. Gibson to Matthew S. & Emma Jane Fisher, $15,000

Jeffrey S. & Angela M. Champlin to Jeremy S. & Hope Hall, $0

Robert K. & Fiona M. Taylor to Douglas G. & Alison M. Chase, $270,000

Elgene Ward to Daneil Coloney & Mark A. Mazza, $92,500

Kyle & Emily Thompson to Al M. Channer & Lala Rakhamim, $140,000

Bruce Van Dyne to Deborah Van Dyne, $0

Heather E. Durkee to Charles M. & Jacqueline S. Smith, $228,000

Paul Jayne & Alvin Zimmerman to Alvin & Anna Zimmerman, $0

Jeannine Wright to Lucas Wright, $70,000

Nancy L. Pelham to Robert A. Jones & Jennie G. Hayes, $550,000

Robert A. Booth, Baird R. Booth, & Brenna L. Jackson to Aimee Brennan, $250,000

Bradley M. Conover to Collen M. Ryan, $134,000

Carol D. Hartman to Carol Hartman Irrevocable Trust, $0


Harrison Davis to Maragret Anderson Dietz & Jason Edward Dietz, $750,500

Thomas A. Cornish to Victor & Michelle Deoliveira, $137,900

Michele A. Farrell, Trustee of the Michele A. Farrell Living Trust to Michele A. Farrell, $0

Carol A. Vick to Todd & Leanne Sparks, $225,000

Philip J. & Linda J. Bracht to Matthew R. & Christina E. Prindle, $685,000