Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES celebrates permanent status for civil service employees

Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES

On Monday, Nov. 8, the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Board of Education and Administrators honored employees that recently achieved Permanent Civil Service Status. 

Earning Civil Service Permanent Status means that each employee successfully completed their probationary period within their Civil Service title.  

"The employees honored today are the glue that hold our organization together, serving in vital roles such as driving a school bus, assisting students as a school aide, meeting health needs as a nurse, providing technology support and cleaning our school buildings to ensure student safety,” said Christine Bennett, Coordinator of Employee Engagement and event organizer. 

Honorees in attendance pose for a photo with members of the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Board of Education.

Noting some employees may not be able to attend the in-person ceremony, Bennett travels to their work location to award and recognize those employees individually. In addition, current protocols and safety guidelines prohibited a formal reception or additional attendees such as family members, but W-FL BOCES was proud to be able to celebrate these employees in a limited capacity.  

“While we continue to navigate the world we live in, it is important to recognize the hard work of the members of the W-FL BOCES family for their perseverance and dedication to the students and families we serve. Our board members join in celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of our Civil Service staff,” commented Lynn Gay, Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Board of Education President.  

For those who were able to attend, a small ceremony was held at the W-FL BOCES Conference Center with immediate supervisors and members of the Board of Education. As employees received their certificates, supervisors read statements on each individual's dedication to the organization, as well as their talents and abilities in their respective roles. 

The event is held annually on behalf of the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Board of Education, which is proud to congratulate the increasing number of employees each year. This year the following recipients were honored: Sandra Arbogast, Kyle Backal, Barbara Bailey, Patricia Baker, Daniel Barnes, Sherif Bashir, Meg Baxter, Bonnie Blair, Jennifer Bordwell, Melissa Bowman, Lauren Burnett-Serianni, Mercedes Capostagno, Kelly Cary, Kristina Clapham, Robert Corey, Kerry Crawley, Tamara Curtis, Corin DeLoge, Eric DeTaeye, Tyelor Dingman, Thomas Dowdle, Matthew Drooby, Kelly Graf, Diane Hansen, Sandra Hartwell, Jordan House, Paul Ingersoll, Ashton Keene, Laurie Kemp, Stephanie Lang, Kassandra Lewis, Jessica McKimm, Hazel Metz, Danielle O’Donnell, Julie Peck, Elaine Pufnock, David Record, Kagney Shumway, Theresa Smith, Nichole Snyder, Kyle Stacy, Mary Beth Stacy, Rhonda Trainor, Jessica Trask, Karen Walker, Tammy Welkley and Rose Whitmore.  

Dr. Vicky Ramos, Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES District Superintendent, commented “We are always honored to be able to recognize employee milestones. The Civil Service Permanent Status Ceremony continues to remind us that we all have an impact on Making Success Possible.” 

“Thank you and congratulations to all the recipients.  We are proud of your work and dedication to the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Community,” closed Ramos. 

To learn more about Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES or current job opportunities, please visit us on the website at www.wflboces.org/jobs