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1922: Workers from the Keuka Lake Ice Co. harvest ice from the lake. One hundred years ago, the company had begun filling its ice houses for the year.

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150 Years Ago

Jan. 11, 1872

David R. Conley, one of the best and most esteemed citizens of Milo, was instantly killed at Himrods last Monday morning, while attempting to get on board the northward bound train which had partly slackened speed and then started suddenly. He was thrown under the train, and two cars passed over him, mutilating his body frightfully. The spectacle was the most appalling one ever witnessed at the station and too dreadful for minute details. Mr. Conley was a robust man, and his age was fifty-eight years.

Messrs. Caserline & Terrill, owners of the mill at Shannon's Corners, had three valuable hogs poisoned on the 3d instant. The person who could perform so mean an act as that will be likely to break into the State Prison sooner or later.

Notice: The undersigned will pay fifty dollars reward for the apprehension of the rascal who last week destroyed three valuable hogs belonging to us by poisoning them. signed, Csterline & Terrill

100 Years Ago

Jan. 11, 1922

In one of the fastest and most exciting games ever played in Penn Yan the P.Y.A. basket ball (sic) team took Waterloo High School into camp; score 30 to 27. The game started with open play, P.Y.A. running wild and scoring ten points on field goals, and Waterloo called time out. Upon resumption of play, the guarding was much closer on the part of Waterloo and a rather peculiar play at center on the toss up. The Waterloo center, instead of coming into the ring at the call of the referee, hung back and went into the air at the whistle with a running start. Through the rest of the half, Academy could not hold her own and the half ended 18-16 in favor of Waterloo. With six minutes to play, Waterloo led 25 - 22. Edmonds went back to center and the Academy came to life, scoring points on field goals in the six minutes and winning the game 30-27.

A flock of about 50 European Starlings are wintering at Branchport. Almost daily someone tells me of seeing a flock of blackbirds and I have seen two or three birds at a time eating the berries of the Virginia creeper on Fitzwater's store, also in the trees in the street north of the corner. The Starlings were first seen here about May 25th, last, when a flock of about 20 to 30 were seen at the base ball grounds. These were mostly young birds in the brownish gray plumage though there were two or three adults in beautiful plumage of glossy black with iridescent purple and green reflections flicked with golden yellow and white. Their bills are bright yellow. The Starling was introduced in America in 1890 when some were liberated in Central Park, New York, and since then have increased rapidly and spread first east into Connecticut and north up the Hudson. Ten years ago there were tens of thousands of them in the city of Hartford.

The Keuka Lake Ice Co. has begun filling the ice houses. The ice was about eight inches thick Saturday, but the lake is only frozen over as far as the pump station. In 1920, the company began shipping in car lots for outside customers and finished their harvest by March 8. That year, they shipped about 500 carloads.

75 Years Ago

Jan. 9, 1947

The appointment of Dr. Katherine Gillette Blyley as acting president of Keuka College was announced at 4:30 Saturday afternoon by Judge Harvey F. Remington of Rochester, chairman of the college board of trustees. The position of college president has been vacant ever since the resignation of Dr. Henry Allen last August. Dr. Blyley came to the college in 1939 as head of the department of English and was appointed dean in 1941. She was instrumental in the development of the field period plan of the college, whereby students get on-the-job experience which counts on their course credit.

Unable to straighten out his car after making the turn to Clinton, Jack Morrow, 29, of 106 Stark Ave., continued the circle started by his turn, went through the Presbyterian Church yard back into Clinton St., striking a car driven by Robert Anderson, 18, of 120 Brown St., and finally came to a stop in the Crosier yard on the south side of Clinton. This accident happened about 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Neither driver was hurt but the cars were considerably damaged.

Wigden Trio Will Sing Saturday: Lawrence, the preacher, with a message for today's youth; Robert, the soloist, with a song for today's youth; Gladys, the pianist, with music for today's youth, will appear at the Penn Yan "Youth for Christ " rally on Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Masonic Temple Building, East Elm Street, Penn Yan. Having just returned from a tour of 17 states and to the island of Vancouver, B.C., "They're fresh from God's vineyards" says David Wigden, director of the youth rallies.

50 Years Ago

Jan. 13, 1972

"A dream come true, thanks to the people of the district," was a statement made by Thomas Hathorn, President of the Board of Education, as he accepted keys for the new Marcus Whitman Jr. - Sr. High School during the dedication ceremony held Sunday. The presentation of the building to Hathorn was made by Richard Iversen of Iversen Construction and Theodore Epping of Epping, Whitney and Fox, contractor and architect for the building, situated on Baldwin Road, about one mile north of Rushville. An Open House was held from 4 to 6 p.m. and hundreds of people took the opportunity to view the school, which includes some 36 classrooms and 16 other teaching stations. The gymnasium has a seating capacity of 1,500 and the auditorium a seating capacity of 802. The rated student capacity is 1,216.

Yates County Legislator P. Henry Flynn, who was Chairman of the now extinct Yates County Board of Supervisors for eight years, was elected the first chairman of the Yates County Legislature. He was pictured on the front page conducting the first meeting. 

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Ray Spencer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Corte Spencer of Altay, was notified in late December that he had been selected as an American Field Service participant in the Americans Abroad School Program for 1972. Ray is vice president of the Dundee Central School Class of 1972, and also president of the National Honor Society Chapter at the school. He is a member of the marching and concert band, and of the Varsity Club, and has been awarded varsity letters in football, basketball, and tennis. Ray's host family operates a 365-acre farm four miles from Heywood, Victoria in Australia, a community of 1,300 which relies heavily on small mixed farming and timber industries and is described as "a friendly place with a lot of pride in its accomplishments."