EXTENSION CORNER: Yates County Master Gardeners present 'Gardening Matters'

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County

An educational resource for the at-home gardener

Complimentary copies of the Winter 2022 issue of Gardening Matters are available at the CCE-Yates County Office.

PENN YAN — Even if you find yourself still cleaning up after Winter Storm Izzy, it is never too early to start reflecting on your goals and plans for your 2022 garden. Believe it or not, winter is a great time for garden planning, and the Yates County Master Gardener Volunteers have just the right resource for you. We are happy to announce that the Gardening Matters newsletter is heading into its fourth year of publication, starting with the Winter 2022 issue.

What is Gardening Matters? Gardening Matters is a newsletter published four times a year in spring, summer, fall, and winter, and is put together by the Yates County Master Gardener Program. Our goal behind this is to be an educational resource for the home gardener. For $10 per subscription, readers get:

  • Four issues with seasonally relevant tips and tricks to ensure your garden stays its best.
  • Up-to-date information from Master Gardener Volunteers from all over the USA
  • The opportunity to submit your questions or "gardening hacks" for a chance to be published in the future.

Complimentary copies of the Winter 2022 issue of Gardening Matters are available at the CCE-Yates County Office. For more information (or to view previous issues), visit our website at http://yates.cce.cornell.edu/gardening/gardening-matters-newsletter, or call us at 315-536-5123. As we continue to navigate programming opportunities in the second year of COVID-19, we hope “Gardening Matters” will be a valuable tool for you during these unprecedented times.

CCE Yates County continues to have daily office coverage, with 50% working in-person, and 50% working remotely. This includes work within the community (agriculture, gardening, natural resources, youth, and families) using social distancing protocols. Please bring a mask with you to wear if you stop by the CCE-Yates County Office.

The Master Gardener Program is a national program of trained volunteers who work in partnership with their county Cooperative Extension offices to extend gardening information to the local community. Over 1,500 volunteer Master Gardeners in New York State contribute educational services to meet the outreach mission of Cornell, influencing many thousands of consumers on horticultural issues. Up to their elbows in dirt, Master Gardeners see soil as the base for germination of seeds destined to become beautiful plants, blooming in their maturity.

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