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Staff Reports

New online series of Greenidge team members sharing their stories about new career opportunities created by cryptocurrency data center in Dresden

DRESDEN – Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: GREE) (“Greenidge”) has  launched a new series of first-person stories told by its team members whose lives and careers have been positively impacted by the company’s cryptocurrency data center operations.

Will Talton, Greenidge’s Cryptocurrency Data Center Leader, is from Rochester.
Shawn Schaeffer, Advanced Repair Team Leader, is from Canandaigua.

The series begins with short videos featuring team members from the local area who are employed at the company's facility in Dresden. Introduced March 8 are Will Talton, Greenidge’s Cryptocurrency Data Center Leader in New York, and Shawn Schaeffer, Advanced Repair Team Leader. Will is from Rochester and Shawn is from Canandaigua. 

Will and Shawn are just two examples of the major local job growth at Greenidge in Dresden, where the team has doubled in size over the past 24 months. This growth has created new careers for individuals at all levels of education, with salaries paying more than twice the average wage in Yates County.   

The new series will tell the stories of New York team members — in their words. It will be distributed on a rolling basis, featuring different individuals performing unique roles in the organization.

"Each person introduced is making a profound contribution to Greenidge and their community as the company continues to strengthen the Upstate New York economy, while transforming people’s lives for the better," states Greenidge in its press release.

“The people who work here and support their families are New Yorkers from across our region,” said Dale Irwin, President of Greenidge Generation. “They come from all different backgrounds but share one thing in common: they are a part of building something special in an area of our state where opportunity has long been, and still is, too limited for too many. Will, Shawn and their coworkers are the team doing its part to change that dynamic, bringing a piece of the world's digital future to the Finger Lakes and doing so well within New York's strong environmental protections. This new series will tell their stories, in their own words, about the enormous positive impact Greenidge is making for them and their families.” 

Will’s story

“I had been in the banking industry for about three and a half, four years, and I was a branch manager at one of the regional banks. One day, a buddy of mine called me up and said he had an opportunity for me to get into a cutting-edge technology type of business, and he thought I'd be good for it.  

“I didn't actually have a formal college education. I wasn't really moving up. Because everything is on-the-job training here, because there's no real handbook for cryptocurrency and how to do it, it's afforded me an opportunity to grow further than I think I would have in the banking industry.  

“You know, coming into this, I had never looked at going back to school as something that I was going to do, because I had to pay for it on my own. So, it was something that I looked at and said, ‘That's not a priority.’ So for me personally, it allowed me to go back to school, start taking some classes and have the company pay for it because it not only benefits me, but it benefits them.  

“We are still providing electricity to the grid. Aside from that, there's so many other things that I see that are happening here that are just helping people out that are inside Greenidge. With everything that's happening outside of Greenidge and the way that some people are looking at it, I don't know what they're missing. I do know that the way that I feel by working here, it's providing opportunities for people that don't have that option.  

“Shutting this place down would definitely hurt. Again, this has afforded me an opportunity to take care of my family. It would hurt a lot, just for me alone. Again, my family and the things that it's afforded us. And other people that have come in and said that they've been looking for jobs here and there, have been bouncing from place to place. And a lot of them just come in and say, ‘I like working here.’ And just to hear that helps, it makes me feel good, that this is definitely a place...they like working here. That's what I hear all the time. It's definitely a big impact if this place were to shut down right now. I definitely see more opportunity within Greenidge and growing my career in Greenidge.  

“Being on the cutting edge, being a man of color and having my kids see that has been awesome. So, I actually had the opportunity to have my son, who's in college, come in and actually do an internship here and work with us and actually get into what we're doing and see that. I was able to bring my two youngest, who's four, and my eight-year-old, right to the plant, and they just were in awe. They got to put on the hard hats and walk around. Just being able to show them where Daddy works, what Daddy does is awesome. And then as they grow up, they'll start to understand and see cryptocurrency. And that's where I started. And so they'll have pictures, they'll have memories of that, and they'll be able to look back and say, "Wow, we were part of that. My Dad was part of that.”  

Shawn’s story

“I grew up in Williamson, New York. It's a small town, one elementary, one middle, one high. I think our graduating class was 87. I've always done soldering and electronics and custom-building devices and stuff like that.  

“When the minors break down, I take them apart and do the hash board, the circuitry repair. Once that's done and we test it and we get them back working with our soft test, then we give them back to the repair lab where they reassemble and get them back out.  

“We sent them out to vendors and sometimes they would send the entire shipment back and say they can't be fixed. And then me and my buddy, Adam, we would start working, figuring it out. And our success rate is 90% compared to these vendors. So they joke around and call me the surgeon. I definitely see some potential for growth, there's not many people that fix these boards.  

“When we first got here, there was four or five in the crypto group. And now there is 20 to 30 employees in the crypto area. This place provides very good pay to people because they need talent. And it's hard to get talent in this region.  

“I'm very grateful for working here because one, they've changed my life. When I was working at my previous role, I was working 70 hours a week and I did about 1,000 hours of overtime per year. And they were able to bring me in here and I don't have to work that overtime and still be very well compensated. I got my life back, I get to spend more time with my children, which is amazing.  

“I have two little ones that are relying on me to provide. And if this place were to just be randomly shut down because of false information, that'd be a huge burden because one, I'd immediately have to gather some funding. It would be a big shock to my family. But I believe in this business and believe in the people. To come in here and be able to explore your engineering skills and try to come up with your own processes and stuff like that. It's really rewarding.” 

Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: GREE) is a vertically integrated cryptocurrency data center and power generation company. Greenidge is committed to 100% carbon-neutral data center operations at all of its locations by utilizing low-carbon sources of energy and offsetting its carbon footprint.