COVID-19: 'It ain’t over till it’s over'

Sara Christensen, Yates County Public Health Director, et al

COVID-19 vaccines are still an important tool to end the pandemic, say Finger Lakes counties' Public Health directors

Here in Yates County, the vaccination rate among those eligible to be fully vaccinated is just 53.3%.

YATES COUNTY — New York Yankees Hall of Famer Yogi Berra’s famous quote sums up perfectly where we are with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Case numbers among adults are decreasing. Mask mandates have been lifted. As much as it may seem like the pandemic is over, we aren’t quite there yet. Our work isn’t done. We still do not have enough people vaccinated, which is the best protection against serious illness and potential future variants.

Here in Yates County, the vaccination rate among those eligible to be fully vaccinated is just 53.3% (as of March 3, 2022). “Fully vaccinated” means having at least two Pfizer or Moderna shots, or one J&J shot, plus the booster for adults – or two Pfizer shots for children and youth ages 5 to 17.

The vaccines continue to be our best defense against passing along the virus to loved ones, becoming seriously ill or being hospitalized with COVID. Getting more people vaccinated, while using other tools like testing and isolation after potential exposure, will get us back to normal. But we are not there yet, and we need to keep Yogi Berra’s quote in mind. “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

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Sara Christensen


Sara Christensen, RN, BSN, Yates County Director of Public Health

Paul A. Pettit, MSL, CPH, Public Health Director, Genesee & Orleans County Health Departments

Jennifer Rodriguez, DCS, MS, MSW, Livingston County Public Health Director

Mary L. Beer, RN, MPH, Ontario County Public Health Director

Nancy King, MD, Schuyler County Interim Public Health Director

Scott King, Seneca County Public Health Director

Darlene Smith, MS, CPH, Steuben County Public Health Director

Diane Devlin RN, MS, BSN, Wayne County Public Health Director