Judge rules Greenidge cryptocurrency project safe for Seneca Lake State Supreme C

Staff Reports

New York Supreme Court Judge Doyle rules Greenidge Cryptocurrency Project “Would not Impact the Air or Water of Seneca Lake.” 

Fifth petition filed by the Sierra Club and Seneca Lake Guardian dismissed.

The Greenidge electric power plant near Dresden.

DRESDEN – Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc., the cryptocurrency datacenter and power generation company located on Seneca Lake, issued a press release regarding a legal petition filed by The Sierra Club and Seneca Lake Guardian.

New York State Supreme Court for Yates County Judge Daniel J. Doyle ruled Thursday, April 7 in favor of Greenidge on every issue before the court and dismissed the petition, noting Greenidge’s ongoing construction project related to its cryptocurrency datacenter “would not impact the air or water of Seneca Lake,” noting the petition lacked merit.    

“Greenidge acted in good faith after receiving all the necessary approvals to begin construction on the project,” Judge Doyle noted. 


According to Greenidge, this was the fifth consecutive legal action regarding their "vertically integrated datamining and electric generation facility" that has been decided in their favor.

"Since 2016, long before cryptocurrency operations were a component of the facility, various opponents have filed legal actions and have seen all five rulings reject their claims," states the company in its press release, affirming that Greenidge operates within full compliance of its New York State air and water permits.

"The Judge rejected every claim they’ve made, confirming they’ve been lying to the public, the state and the community of the Finger Lakes for a very long time,” says Dale Irwin, president of Greenidge Generation. “He could not have said it more clearly – ‘the project would not impact the air or water of Seneca Lake’. The project is another significant investment in Yates County, allowing us to continue to create good-paying jobs and new careers in an emerging, future-focused sector for local residents – and do it within the state’s nation-leading environmental standards.

Dale Irwin, CEO of Greenidge Generation, the cryptocurrency data center and electric power plant at Dresden.

“Various and overlapping opponents have now lost all five legal actions related to the facility, and we properly sought and received all necessary approvals to start this project long ago, with Planning Board approval."

Irwin's frustration with the repeated disproven claims and litigation is evident. “Every press release they issue, every attack they levy against the people who work at Greenidge, just like every lawsuit they file, is easily pulled apart once the facts are reviewed, and the court system did so today. It’s been an unbroken record of failure in attempting to use the courts to harm a lawful business and they have wasted taxpayers' money again, as the Judge eviscerated each of their baseless arguments.

“This decision shows -- once again -- why nobody should spend a minute listening to the Sierra Club or Seneca Lake Guardian when it comes to the operations at Greenidge, and the amazing Upstate New Yorkers who work here. They lost any and all credibility many years ago.”