FROM PAGES PAST: 1947: New Elks lodge instituted in Penn Yan

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The Chronicle-Express -- Consolidation, January 1, 1926, of the Yates County Chronicle (1824) and the Penn Yan Express (1866); the Rushville Chronicle (1905) and the Gorham New Age (1902)

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A get-together at the Penn Yan Elks Lodge. Penn Yan Lodge No. 1722 was organized 75 years ago.

150 Years Ago

May 23, 1872

-- We understand the County Judge's salary in this county was finally fixed by the Legislature at $1,500. In Seneca County it is placed at $2,500.

-- One of the Fire Wardens of the village asks us to call on the people to exercise the greatest care and caution about putting up summer stoves. Many fires are the result of carelessness in this particular. Let no pains be spared to make sure of the utmost security.

-- Eleven mills have been burned on Flint Creek and Canandaigua Outlet within the last 37 years, as follows: On Flint Creek, Dr. Howe's stone mill on outlet two at Shortsville, one at Coonville, one near A. F. Ramney's, Ontario and Exchange mills, one at Alloway. Who can tell us how many mills have been burned on the Keuka Lake outlet during the same period?

100 Years Ago

May 24, 1922

-- A fire which broke out in the old Curtiss aeroplane plant last week Tuesday evening destroyed three buildings and contents, causing a loss which may aggregate more than $20,000. The plant is owned and occupied by the Keuka Industries, Inc., which manufactures aeroplane and automobile motors and accessories.

-- Plodding along the highway of the East Henrietta road, long after nightfall had overtaken him, Leland White, 5 years old, of Hall, Ontario County, met a farmer named Peter Peterson. The farmer saw the child was weary and crying, and stopping, brushed away the tears and inquired of the child his name and where he was going. "I'm Leland White," the child managed to say, "and I live in Canandaigua."

Peterson lives on the East Henrietta road near Henrietta post office, which is nearly five miles from Rochester. He took the little fellow to his home, as it was about 10 o'clock at night, and the boy was nearly exhausted. After he had been given a glass of milk and a big slice of real mothers' bread, he said he had been with his father and mother but was confused as to just where he had missed them.

Mr. Peterson got in touch with police headquarters and learned a child had been reported lost that answered to the description of the one in Peterson's care. The child's parents parents are Mr. & Mrs. J.A. White, of Hall. Yesterday they motored to the city to spend Lilac Day at Highland Park. It was nearly 6 o'clock when the little fellow became separated from his parents. He made his way through the crowd to the entrance and went out onto South Avenue. He started southward and eventually reached the forks in the highway that lead out to Henrietta. Turning to the east the child plodded along the East Henrietta Road, avoiding automobiles and apparently not being offered a ride by motorists going in his direction.

-- Mrs. Viola Chisholm's house, east of Sucker Brook on Elm Street, is being reconstructed. A new basement wall will be part of the scheme. The water from Sucker Brook, when on a rampage, has always caused more or less trouble in that vicinity.

75 Years Ago

May 22, 1947

-- More than 500 Elks from all over Central and Western New York were in Penn Yan Sunday to attend the institution of the newly organized Penn Yan Lodge, no 1722, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Facilities of both the Benham and New Knapp hotels were used for the banquet at which some 359 guests were fed. Headquarters were set up at the Spinning Wheel Roller palace where visitors first started assembling at 1 p.m. and where events continued until after midnight. The lodge was charged Sunday with 81 members, 11 of whom had been demitted from other lodges to join here. Officers installed were: exalted ruler, Clark Weldon; leading knight Frank Reilly; loyal knight, Ralph Excell; lecturing knight, John M. Gilligan; esquire, Frank Erwin; inner guard, Howard Flynn; chaplain, Burtice Harris; secretary, Carlton Tierney; treasurer, Dan Cassetta; tyler, Charles Willis: trustees, Owen Hoban, Peter Pulver, and Henry Carey.

-- Leading dairy herd in the nation enrolled in the Ayrshire Herd Testing plan during December 1947 was that of F.S. Hollowell, Hollowell farm, Penn Yan. This announcement was made by C.T. Conklin, national secretary of the Ayrshire Breeders' association of Brandon, Vt. On a strictly twice-a-day milking schedule, Mr. Hollowell's herd of 24 milking females averaged 1,188 pounds of 4.01 percent milk and 47.6 pounds of butterfat. Greylight Princess, eight-year-old daughter of Mr. Hollowell's registered Ayrshire sire, Alta Great Greylight, was highest producer with 1,817 lbs. of milk and 72.7 lbs. of fat.

-- Combining excellent pitching and timely hitting the PYA baseball team won a hard-earned victory at Geneva last Thursday by a 3 to 2 score. A walk to Bob Reilly followed by King Brennan's long double into right field produced the first run in the third inning and after the Red and Black had tied the score with a run in the half of the inning, the Academy boys scored twice more in the fourth to gain a lead, which was maintained to the end. Monday afternoon, Watkins Glen was defeated on the Liberty Street diamond 11 to 4 in a loosely-played game which saw Coach Don Campney use 16 players. Bruce Allison was the winning pitcher, going five innings and allowing only two hits.

50 Years Ago

May 25, 1972

-- A $750,000 addition to the facilities of the Penn Yan Boats Inc., Wadell Ave. will be constructed, giving the company an added 33,000 square feet of space. The addition will include the latest in equipment including air cleaning devices, according to Robert Stewart, president. Iverson Contractors of Gorham is the general contractor. The completion of the building is earmarked for Sept. 1, when the Penn Yan firm will be adding at least 70 new employees.

The Penn Yan Boats Inc. factory on Wadell Avenue. A $750,000 addition at the factory increased the facilities by 33,000 square feet 50 years ago.

-- Juniors of Penn Yan Academy who were recently inducted into the National Honor Society are: Alice Helbig, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roger Helbig; Philip Ingram, son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ingram; Gordon Johnson, son of Mr. & Mrs. William N. Johnson; Klaas Martens, son of Mr. & Mrs. Klaas Martens; Douglas Paddock, son of Mr. & Mrs. Elden Paddock; Beth Tunney, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Tunney; Betty Tusch, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Tusch; Karen Valder, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Valder; Larry Widgen, son of Mr. & Mrs. David Wigden; Anne Winkel, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Winkel; Susan Wolcott, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Wolcott.

--The Penn Yan Academy lacrosse team was pictured: Mark Thompson, Bruce Hopkins, Kim Jensen, Paul Marble, Steve Staples, Ed Murdoch, Daniel Jorgensen, Paul Clingerman, Thomas Murdoch, Steve Hansen, Barry Disbrow, Jeffery Spencer, James P. Marshall, Paul Horrigan, Eric Gaylor, David Giles, Terry Jensen, Jeff Lord, Coach William LaRock and Assistant Coach Elliott Vorce.