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The Chronicle-Express -- Consolidation, January 1, 1926, of the Yates County Chronicle (1824) and the Penn Yan Express (1866); the Rushville Chronicle (1905) and the Gorham New Age (1902)

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150 Years Ago

July 25, 1872

Upcoming Presidential Election - The last hope of the Grant folks is the disaffected Democrats. And Democrats are good fellows when they go for Grant but very vile stuff when they go for Greeley, according to the Grant organs. They claim very boldly that as many Democrats will go for Grant as Republicans for Greeley. It is remarkable, however, that the large crowd of Democrats sliding off for Grant are off somewhere else, never near at hand. They will be off ever so far when election day comes.

The Dundee Record - The best excuse the Dundee Record can make for going for Grant is the fear that Greeley if he is elected he will be assassinated. How that could possibly give us a poorer administration than Grant’s is more than we can conceive.

Steamboat Excursion and Basket Pic Nic — Excelsior Fire Co. No. 2, and Holmes Hose Co. No. 2, will give a grand excursion on the Lake, on Wednesday next, the 31st inst. The boat will leave the dock at 9 o’clock in the morning. This will be a splendid opportunity to enjoy the scenery on our beautiful lake, as the boat will land at Grove Springs, the Wine Cellars and Hammondsport. Ball’s Band will be in attendance, and furnish music for dancing on the boat. Take your wives, daughters and fair ones, with your baskets, and enjoy the day together. Every effort will be made by the Committee to have everything conducted in a manner that none will be dissatisfied. Tickets for the round trip - one dollar.

Baldwin Bank Under Construction - Charles V. Bush has commenced operations for the construction of the New Bank Building for Mr. Baldwin, on the vacant portion of the old Yates County Bank lot.

SENECA LAKE STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY TIME TABLE - THE STEAMERS ONONDAGA & SCHUYLER. Three Round Trips Daily BETWEEN WATKINS AND GENEVA. - GOING SOUTH: Morning Boat — Leaves Geneva at 8:50 a.m., after arrival of New York Express from the West and Boston Pacific from the East, connecting at Watkins with Niagara Express South at 1:05 p.m. Afternoon Boat — Leaves Geneva at 2:35 p.m., after arrival of Accommodation from the East and Day Express from the West, making landings, arriving at Watkins at 5:45 p. m., connecting with Philadelphia Express at 6:42 p.m. Evening Boat — Leaves Geneva at 5:40 p.m. after arrival of Day Express from the East and Atlantic Express from the West through to Watkins, arriving at 9:00 p.m. GOING NORTH: Morning Boat — Leaves Watkins at 6:00 a.m., making landings, connecting at Geneva with Day Express East at 10:05 a.m., and Accommodation West at 2:30 p.m. Afternoon Boat — Leaves Watkins at 1:30 p.m., after arrival of Watkins accommodation, making landings, connecting at Geneva with Day Express West and Atlantic East (sleeping car attached) at 5:35 p.m. Evening Boat — Leaves Watkins at 6:00 p.m., after arrival of Niagara Express from Baltimore and Philadelphia, through to Geneva, connecting with Night Express East and Chicago Express West at 9:45 p.m. D. P. DEY, Sup’t.

100 Years Ago

July 26, 1922

Willow Grove, Archibald Thayer Farm Sold - George B. Niceworinger of Elmira, who owns several cottages at Willow Grove, purchased the Archibald Thayer property Saturday which was sold at public auction on the front steps of the Benham Hotel. The purchase price was $5,625. The property contains about sixty acres of land, fifty of which are in Milo and ten acres facing the east shore of Lake Keuka near Willow Grove. There is a lakefront of about 1,200 feet. The property fronts one of the best fishing grounds of Lake Keuka and there is ample room for eight to twelve cottages.

Runaway Horse - A runaway horse caused no little excitement on Main street Tuesday morning at about 9:30. A big dray horse, tired of waiting, raced up through the street trailing an empty carriage. Fortunately no one was injured, although the carriage struck the fenders of one or two cars parked along the street. A passerby stopped the horse near the Methodist Church.

Movie Stars In Penn Yan - Constance Talmadge and Theda Bara, two popular “movie queens,” are said to have stopped in Penn Yan last week Wednesday night for a few minutes. They were motoring through and intended to stop at the Glen Springs Hotel at Watkins Glen that night. There were five persons in the party. They called at the Sweet Shop for some refreshments. Peter Costes soon learned who his distinguished patrons were and naturally looked them over carefully, at a distance. They were delighted with the service at the Sweet Shop and said if they ever came this way again they would be sure to call.

“Mary Bell” May Carry Passengers - J.S. Neill of Rochester , representing the J. S. Neill Co., was in town the last of the week. This company will operate a freight boat on Lake Keuka, as soon as the old “Mary Bell” can be put in proper condition. Representatives of the Globe Ship Building Co., of Buffalo, were here at the same time, and expect to start making repairs on the “Mary Bell” at once. H. A. Nixon, also of Rochester, who is connected with the Neill Co., will remain here until the close of the boating season. Mr. Neill informed the Hammondsport Herald that his company proposes to carry grapes on the “Mary Bell” from all points along the lake to Hammondsport, where they will be shipped via the B. & H. and Erie to their destination. His company is also considering carrying passengers, making at least one round trip a day between Hammondsport and Penn Yan. The docks on the west side of the lake are all in very good condition, while those on the east side will need more or less repairing. Mr. Neill’s company will be in a position in a short time to make more definite announcement regarding arrangements for service on the lake.

Accident on Keuka - What came near being a serious accident occurred at Burger’s Point, Lake Keuka, on Wednesday afternoon when the Presbyterian Sunday School from Prattsburgh held its annual picnic. A motor boat had been hired for a ride, and was returning to unload a load and get another. As it pulled into a small dock a number of persons crowded on the dock and one side gave way, throwing about a dozen people into forty feet of water. Other members of the party jumped and all were saved.

75 Years Ago

July 24, 1947

C of C Starts Airport Marker Next Monday - After about a year of talking and planning, the Chamber of Commerce committee in charge of placing an aerial view airport marker somewhere in Penn Yan has decided on the location and work will begin next Monday. After aerial surveys and other investigation, the committee finds that the roofs of the buildings which house the Barden and Robeson Basket factory are the largest and stand out the most of any in the countyseat. So these will be used for the sign. The letters PENN YAN will be painted 24 feet high, and will be accompanied by two arrows, one pointing due north and a smaller one pointing to the airport. This will be an official airport marking. The sign is part of a safety measure conducted by the C of C for all planes seeking an emergency landing or for flyers coming into a strange base during bad weather. For many months the Penn Yan Flying Club has had the reputation of being one of the best in this part of the nation for community service and initiative. This project will be of benefit to the club, the community, and the public in general.

The trestle over Big Steam at Glenora.

Rochester Camper Knocked From Glenora Trestle By Train - Thomas Conrad, 15, of 189 Maltby St., Rochester, son of Clarence Conrad, is in the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital with a fair chance of recovery from a fractured pelvis, lacerated right thigh, internal chest injuries, and multiple brush burns received when he was knocked from a railroad trestle at Glenora Tuesday afternoon by a south-bound Pennsylvania freight train. Thomas was one of a group of eight boys from the senior division of the Rochester YMCA Camp Cory on Keuka Lake who were enjoying their overnight Seneca trip. With their counselor, Lou Tarbox of 100 Gibbs street, Rochester, they left Camp Cory Monday morning, hiking to Seneca lake, then to Glenora, where Big Stream, which flows through the Village of Dundee, enters Seneca lake by way of a deep gorge and high waterfalls—about 12 miles southeast of Camp Cory. The boys at the time of the mishap were crossing the high Pennsylvania Railroad trestle high over the gorge on their way for a swim. Hearing a train approaching from the north, they all ran across the 125-foot high bridge, but young Conrad stumbled twice over the ties. Before reaching the south end, the locomotive struck and hurled him some 10 feet, where he landed near the tracks on the graded roadbed, but a few feet away from the precipitous banks of Big Stream gully. Sargent's Ambulance from Dundee rushed him to the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital in Penn Yan.

Child Born In German Concentration Camp Now In Dresden Camp - The child care center at the “bean pickers” camp operated by the Comstock Canning Corporation near Dresden is taking care of about fifteen babies and little children, with more expected this week. Ages range from babies in arms to eight years old. The camp is full to capacity, most of the people coming from mining districts in Pennsylvania. Among the campers are a Polish couple who were six years in a concentration camp. Their charming little three and a half year old daughter, who was born in the concentration camp, has not yet overcome the fears associated with her babyhood and screams in terror when an airplane goes over, or trembles at the sound of a tractor or heavy truck. The little girl has learned to speak several words of English just since entering the day nursery.

50 Years Ago

July 27, 1972

Sidewalk Sale, July 28th - The theme of the Sale is the Roaring Twenties. The Miss Penn Yan contestants will be wearing Charleston-type dresses and will ride in antique cars. Contestants this year are Mary Schrouder, Diane Eveland, Ellen Gillard, Donna Kingsley, Margie Long, Paula Allison, Penny Anderson, Barbara Davie, Patricia Hourihan, Grace Tones, Sara Armstrong, Lucinda Disbrow, Gayla DeWick, and Donna Greenfield. The “queen” will be crowned by last year’s Miss Penn Yan and will receive $10, a traveling case from Donaldson-Jensen, and special gifts from downtown and Lake Street merchants.

The old schoolhouse on Seneca Street in Dundee, home of the Dundee Area Historical Society.

Historical Society Granted Charter - The Dundee Area Historical Society has been granted a Charter by New York State Board of Regents and is a functioning organization after many months of determined efforts on the part of Lauren Hanmer and attorney Harold Beach. Those serving on the Board of Trustees at present are Mrs. Milton Lamphear Jr., Mrs. Veeva Shetron, and Leighton Shaw, all of Dundee; Robert Spence of Starkey, Mrs. Eastman Beers and Col. Larry Bolvig, both of Lakemont. The old elementary school building on Seneca St., Dundee will be restored to its original condition and be the permanent location of the organization. The elected officers are: Lauren Hanmer, president; Rhoda Howell, first vice president; second vice president; Walter Whitehead, Clair Wheeler, treasurer; Attorney Beach will serve as secretary until a permanent secretary and assistant can be selected. Mrs. Sebring Howell is historian and Mrs. Edward Smith, membership chairman. Those wishing to join are urged to attend monthly meetings the second Monday evening of the month beginning in September. The society is participating in the celebration of the founding of the village of Dundee in 1973 with the recently formed Bicentennial Citizens Committee.

The Keuka Park Cemetery - The Keuka Park Cemetery Association held a public meeting last Thursday for anyone who might be interested in purchasing a lot in the Keuka Park Cemetery, or for those who were interested in learning something about the site. Because of its secluded location, many residents of the park are not aware that there is a local cemetery. To inform the public, members of the Association have described the beginnings of the cemetery. When the founders of Keuka College decided on a location they wanted for their college, the site chosen was a farm on the shores of the lake. To raise money for the college, the farm was surveyed and marked off into streets and building lots were sold to the public. Thus began the community of Keuka Park. The need for a cemetery became apparent and a Cemetery Association was formed. The college deeded two acres of land what was then known as the Assembly Grove, now called the College Woods. While there have not been many interments, the cemetery has been maintained. Lots that were first marked out were all sold and the original boundary stakes were lost. This past winter, the Association had the cemetery re-surveyed and quite a few new lots have been staked out.