Potter early settler's grave rediscovered in Pennsylvania

Wilson Simmons
McAllister's Inn, in Harrisburg, Pa., where in 1810 Arnold Potter died while on a trip to Philadelphia with a drove of cattle.

Arnold Potter died in 1810 at McAllister's Inn, in Harrisburg, Pa., while on a trip to Philadelphia with a drove of cattle.  It took many years to discover what cemetery he was buried in, but with a bit of assistance from the Dauphin Co. Historical Society, they found a record of his burial down to the lot and stone number.  It has since fallen down and we nearly gave up, but finally found it in the grass and in a lot above where it was supposed to be.  

The author with the misplaced gravestone of Arnold Potter Sr. rediscovered in Dauphin County Pennsylvania.

Arnold Potter and his father William Potter, and per some sources a few of Arnold's brothers, were at least at first in the deal to purchase what was called "Potter's Town" in 1789.   This was in the early days when Jemima Wilkinson known as "The Publick Universal Friend" and her followers first made their way to what is now Yates County.  The Potters were at first very dedicated followers of The Friend.  

The Potter family cemetery is located behind the Potter Mansion on Voak Road in the town that bears their name.  It contains the burials of two of Arnold Potter's sons, William and Arnold Potter Jr., and a few others.  The next mystery is where Arnold's father, Judge William Potter, is buried.