Reduce Food Waste; Military Lies; Saving Aircraft Fuel; Tall Wooden Structures; True Facts


There is a flickr infographic that deals with food waste and saving money, all at the same time. Americans throw away about 90 billion pounds of food every year. The cost for this wastefulness is estimated to be $370 per person per year. To get how-to tips to reduce your food waste visit  You, too,  can be a responsible citizen and keep money in your pocket.

It seems that the military jugheads don't learn from past mistakes. Apparently, Central Command, CENTCOM, which supervises military actions in Iraq and Syria heavily scrutinized intelligence assessments of the air war against ISIS if the assessments did not present a 'glass half-full' picture of air operations. Faulty and manipulated intelligence. Isn't that how we started the second Iraq War against Saddam? For more about military lies click on isis-report-alterations-are-true-20150916/. The difference between human error and human stupidity is that with stupidity you make the same mistake more than once. In the case of our senior military officers, this behavior constitutes serial stupidity. The real meat in this story comes from the daily beast. You can read all the sordid details at Maybe this time around, some heads of generals may roll. Let's hope so. I am fed up with senior officers throwing subordinates under the bus to pay for senior officers' errors in judgement

NASA software to help airlines reduce fuel consumption. According to NASA, two airlines, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America, will begin testing software that NASA hopes will reduce fuel consumption on regularly scheduled routes. The software will work with aircraft avionics to provide real-time route changes that improve efficiency and thus save fuel. You can bet, however, that should this software work as intended, the paying passenger will not see a reduction in ticket prices. To read more about this visit As with the drug companies, the government funds the basic research and the corporations reap the profits.

New York wins again! Really. The USDA recently announced that New York and Oregon recently received energy grants to construct tall wood buildings that will use new technology to save energy and reduce the structures' carbon footprints. New advances allow tall buildings to be constructed using newly developed wood materials with which to construct more energy efficient structures. The Oregon project designed a 12-story building using cross-laminated timber which will house retail, office, workforce housing and community space. The New York winner will locate in lower Manhattan at 475 west 18th Street. The 10- story structure expects to save 50 percent on energy use based on current energy codes.  To read  more about the Tall Wood Building Prize Competition click on Wood products are sustainable while steel materials require coal and iron ore to produce. This is an interesting project. I can't wait to see how the buildings fare when completed.

The Daily Kos, a left-leaning website, recently published a list of 10 truths that drive conservatives crazy. The first truth states that the United States is not a Christian nation. The site supplies proof from the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison and George Washington. The myth that the founding fathers advocated Christianity over other religions is false. A second truth conservatives hate is that socialist Edward Bellamy from Rome, N.Y. wrote the Pledge of Allegiance in 1892. God knows that conservatives at best distrust socialists if they don't actually hate them. Other truths that conservatives cannot bring themselves to believe include: a Republican president introduced national health insurance and a Republican governor legalized abortion. The tenth indignity arises from the fact that Ronald Regan raised taxes 11 times during his presidency. Take that Grover Norquist! To read the full list of Republican apostasies, visit Short-Circuit-Republican-Brains. And so it goes.