Make Dating Great Again; Concussion Repercussions; Summer Teacher Institutes; Visionary Technology; Incentives Breed Greed


Hope For Lonely Conservatives  recently reported on a real Internet dating site for conservatives wishing to meet like- minded singles to mingle. The site is called '' with a tag line reading 'Making Dating Great Again.'   Since Trump's election win, the site has been doing land office business.   Traffic on the site doubled from 9,000 yearning people on election night to 26,000 yearners on Inauguration Day.   According to Cnet, the Trump site came online just after the Republican Party nominated him as its  candidate for the presidency. To read more about lonely Republican singles wanting to mingle, click on Good luck to all.

Concussion Injuries Have Far-Reaching Effects

The National Library of Medicine recently posted a story concerning long lasting effects of concussion injuries. It seems that research has found that even after all concussion symptoms have stopped, patients may still experience difficulty with driving vehicles. The small study focused on college-age participants. The symptoms experienced were similar to driving while drinking. To learn more about this topic, surf over to   An additional site that discusses recovery from sports injuries may be accessed at

Technology Run Amok or Corporate Greed?

The Federal trade commission recently posted a report that TV manufacturer Vizio recently settled a dispute with the FTC and the State of New Jersey for illegally collecting viewing data from smart TVs without first obtaining permission from TV set owners. Apparently, smart TVs are able to log second-by-second video capture of data from cable, broadband, set-top box, DVDs, over-the-air broadcasts and streaming devices.   Vizio then marketed this data to advertisers who then focused directly to the 11 million owners of Vizio smart TVs. This illegal invasion of privacy cost the company $2.2 million in fines to the FTC and the State of New Jersey. To read more about this, visit This is another example of your federal tax dollars at work protecting you from greedy corporations.

Library of Congress Announces Summer Teacher Institutes

Every year, the Library of Congress provides week-long summer institutes in Washington, D.C. for teacher professional development. Institute topics range from World War l and various STEM programs that participants can relay to classroom instruction. Applications may be obtained by visiting Teachers of all subject areas and grade levels may apply. Application deadline is  March 17, 2017. To learn more about the teacher institutes, visit Participation group size is limited,   so apply early. Good Luck.

Star Trek Technology Being Tested Now

Viewers of Star Trek: The Next Generation will remember the blind character Georgi LaForge who operated as a sighted person by wearing goggles that allowed him to see. According to, a real individual with limited sight, Yvonne Felix, is testing a device that allows her to see. The goggles contain a camera that works with hi-resolution displays in the wearable headset. To read more about this advance, click on For someone who remembers fondly listening to network radio, I am astounded.

Do Performance Ratings Make People Greedy?

According to the Government Exec website, the answer is yes. Loran Nordgren, an associate professor at the Kellogg School of Business, employees working at commission jobs express more desire for money than salaried employees with similar incomes. In fact, the research indicates that these differences affect financial decision-making. To learn more, click on     And so it goes.