Colorectal Cancer Rates Rising; Teen Labor Report; Chemicals Leach From Wrappers Into Fast Food


Colorectal Cancer Affects Both Men and Women

The Center for Disease Control recently posted a report on colorectal cancer. This cancer causes the second leading cause of death in the United States. Early detection of this disease reduces the mortality rate among sufferers. Thus, the CDC encourages colorectal screening for all people 50 and older. If you are under 50, being physically fit, maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking will lessen the chances of contracting colorectal cancer. To learn more, click on Additional data may be obtained at A related article indicates that the rate of colorectal cancer has dropped from 21% to 11.8%. This information is contained in a larger report that may be accessed at  recently reported that colorectal cancer rates have increased for millennials and Gen Xers.   According to the website, the colorectal cancer rate increase may be attributed to an increase in obesity. It seems that individuals born in 1990 now have double the risk of colon cancer and four times the risk of rectal cancer of individuals born in 1950. To read more about cancer risks, surf over to     And now you know.

Unemployment By Education Level

A common idea about education posits that the more education you get, the more money you make. Today, however, people are seriously questioning this assumption give the high student debt load and the fact that many college grads are under-employed or working at jobs that do not require a college degree. Parents and students now conduct individual cost-benefit analyses to see if college should be a post-high school experience. The following statistics on unemployment levels by education may help people decide if higher education is necessary. In this regard, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released data concerning post high school unemployment levels.

For example, individuals with less than a high school diploma earn average weekly salaries of $493 and have an 8% unemployment rate. Bachelor's degree holders earn an average of $1,137 a week and face a 2.8% unemployment rate. Doctoral degree holders average $1,623 a week with a 1.7 % unemployment rate. To learn more, visit  . The same report also indicates that the percentage of teen workers aged 16 to 19 in the workforce has dropped significantly during the period 1948 to 2016. Part of this drop may be attributed to the fact that more students stay in school longer.

Are PFOAs and PFASs in Your Big Mac?

There is nothing as satisfying as a Big Mac. But besides the sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, special sauce and hamburger patties, the Big Mac packaging may contain toxic contaminants that can leach into the food. The grease-proof wrapping around the burger may contain highly fluorinated chemicals. A recent study analyzed 400 food samples from 27 fast food chains. Researchers looked at paper food wrappers, paperboard and drink containers. The highly fluorinated chemicals in the wrapping have been linked to health problems. To find out more about this issue, click on Do you still have the urge to snack at fast food joint?   And so it goes.