Where to raise the kids; Where to grow old; Zika virus; Wage theft; Coal vs. Solar


Best and Worst States to Raise Children

CNN recently reported on an Annie E. Casey Foundation study that ranks states on ethnographic data that gauges the well-being of children. For the second year in a row, Minnesota ranks first as the most kid-friendly state. Predictably, Mississippi ranked last in the survey. The lowest ranking states fell in the South and the West. Except for Minnesota and Iowa, the other three top-ranked states all fell in New England. To find out the other rankings, visit  http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/22/health/best-worst-states-raise-children. Other fun facts include: Puerto Rico has the highest number of kids living in poverty, 58%; and one-third of Mississippi students do not graduate on time. The President's 2018 proposed Federal budget cuts education funding. Are you happy? Additional information may be accessed at  http://www.aecf.org/m/resourcedoc/aecf-2017kidscountdatabook.pdf.

Minnesota Also Ranked Highest As The Healthiest State For Seniors

Maybe, it's the water. A health website recently ranked Minnesota as the healthiest state for seniors. Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Iowa complete the top five. Again, Mississippi ranked last along with Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia and Arkansas. To find out where New York falls, click on  http://www.americashealthrankings.org/. Maybe New Yorkers should move to Minnesota. Or, if moving South to avoid snow, New Yorkers should avoid Mississippi like the plague. The site provides a nice, easy to understand graphic.

In a recently released report, the Center for Disease Control says that one in 20 pregnant women infected with the Zika virus has children with birth defects. The study also reported that infected women who showed no symptoms also had children with birth defects. The percentage of children affected depends on which trimester the mother contracted the Zika virus. Women who contracted the disease in the first trimester produced the largest number of children with birth defects, 8 percent. Women who contracted the virus in the third trimester had the fewest number of children with birth defects, 4 percent. To read more about Zika produced birth defects, visit  https://medlineplus.gov/news/fullstory_166381.html.

Employers Engage In Wage Theft That Totals $15 Billion

According to the Economic Policy Institute, American employers in the 10 largest states cheat workers out of more than $8 billion in wages. In fact, the lowest paid workers suffer the highest amount of wage theft. EPI findings indicate that year-round workers lose an average of $3,300 per worker. Minimum wage workers on average lose $64 a week which totals approximately one-quarter of their annual pay. The number of workers who suffer wage theft totals about 17% of all workers. The 10 states with the highest amount of wage theft include: Florida, 7.3%, Ohio, 5.5%, and New York, 5.0%. If wage theft abuse is projected for all workers in the nation, employers steal more than $15 billion in wages each year. Workers in the 10 most populous states who are paid less than the minimum wage total more than 21 percent. Young workers, women, people of color and immigrants are the most likely workers to suffer wage theft.   To find out more about this disgusting employer practice, surf over to  http://www.epi.org. One must question the morality of people who think this type of American capitalism is great.

While Trump Touts Coal, China Builds Floating Solar Power Plant

Except in Washington, D.C. renewable energy is the path to the future for the rest of the world. While the EPA and President Trump push coal as fuel for electrical generation, China and Europe are now relying on renewable energy to meet energy needs. For example, China just connected the world's largest floating photovoltaic facility to the national grid. This facility produces zero hydrocarbons as it generates electricity from sunlight. The Chinese built this facility on land formally used to produce coal. The plant generates 40 megawatts of electricity which is enough electricity to power about 40,000 homes. To learn more about this topic, click on    https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/china-floating-solar-power-plant/.   And so it goes