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Some Ogden Nash Humor To Lighten The Atmosphere

As a high school student, I was not really excited by or impressed by poetry. One exception to my general poetry ennui was the poetry of Ogden Nash. The simple rhyme schemes and pedestrian images and laugh-out-loud humor appealed to my unsophisticated literary prowess. Since the news today is so dispiriting, click here for a sample of vintage Nash poetry to brighten your day. More examples of Nash poems may be found at This poem to husbands is accessed above: 'To keep your marriage brimming/ With love in the loving cup,

Whenever you're wrong, admit it;/ Whenever you're right, shut up.' Truer words were never written. Happy reading.

Where The Young Folks Are Going

The website, 24/7 Wall Street recently posted a list of 33 cities that are attracting young people aged 18 to 34. Most of the areas on the list are small and have lower housing costs and improved labor markets. The list ranks the areas by the percentage of young newcomers to the area as well as a percentage this age group comprises of the area population. Areas range from number 33, Malone, NY to number 2,   Lassen County California. To access the demographics, click on  who moved represent only 11.2% of the population. Low migration levels of millennials has skewed the movement of people. A decade ago, roughly 25% of Americans moved each year.

Historical Yuck!

The website Ancient Origins recently posted a report about early Britons that is definitely a downer. It seems that early Britons ate their dead relatives before inscribing markings on their bones. According to the post, Cheddar Gorge was famous for cannibalism as well as for cheese making. After supper, the early Britons etched symbols on the bones. Some experts suggest the bone markings were a type of 'narrative' of the deceased lives or possibly a memorial to how the dead lost their lives. To learn more about this gruesome behavior, visit Don't read this alone on a dark, stormy night; the goolies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night might get you.

Some Genetic Ancestry Tests Have Surprising Results

White Nationalists revel in their 'whiteness.' Many of these 'gun-slinging' bigots have sent examples of their DNA for analysis to prove just how white they are. In a recent article in Scientific American Magazine, a macho white supremacist named Craig Cobb found that his DNA contained 86% European genes and 14% Sub-Saharan African genes. These results came during his appearance on a daytime talk show and caused much mirth among the audience. Ironically, Cobb was charged with terrorizing people in 2013 as he tried to set up an all-white enclave in North Dakota. The question now is, 'just how white is he?' One hundred-and-fifty- years ago, Cobb would have been considered Black because of his 14% African genes. To read the rest of the article, click on I wonder what Richard Spencer's DNA reveals.

New York State Provides Teachers With Free Support For Common Core Math and ELA

The  New York State Education Department website engageny provides classroom teachers with curricular modules in P-12 English Language Arts and Math. Schools and districts can adapt and adopt the modules for local purposes to align curricula to the common core. To find specific modules to adopt or modify, visit On the homepage, the site lists modules for each grade for English and Math. Another example of your taxes at work. School is about to start so get ready.

Good News From NIH

The National Institute of Health recently published the results of a long-standing research project. The study followed a South African boy infected with HIV at birth. At age one month, doctors diagnosed the child and began treating him with anti-HIV drugs during his infancy. At age 9 the child's body has suppressed the virus for 8 ½ years without further treatment. This case is the third reported case of sustained HIV remission in a child after early limited anti-HIV treatment. To learn more about this, visit I wonder how the proposed federal budget cuts for 2018 will affect this type of research. And so it goes.