Stingy Employers; Classic Books for Kids; Cop Prosecuted for Hate Speech; Viking Warrior was a Woman; New Threats


American Corporations Paying Employees The Least

The website 24/7 Wall Street  recently published a list of American corporations that pay employees the lowest wages. As you may expect, retail stores and fast food businesses lead the list. Companies such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Starbucks and Walmart are prominent members of this group. Hotel Chains such as the Marriott also find themselves on this list. To find out the other corporations that profit on the backs of employees, surf over to

Classic Books 8 to 12-Year-Olds Still Read

A list provided by the website focuses on classic tales that today's kids say are still worth reading. Today's kids say books such as The Swiss Family Robinson. Treasure Island and The Wizard of Oz are still interesting and worth reading. This website also provides lists of books by categories that parents can use to help kids develop a love of reading. To find out more about kid-friendly reading books, surf over to

Feds Prosecute Small Town Cop For Hate Speech

Federal authorities recently arrested and charged a small-town police chief with federal civil rights violations for hate speech and racist orders given to subordinate officers. The retired police chief of the Bordentown Township police department faced arraignment in federal court the week of October 23rd. According to federal authorities, Frank Nocera, 60-years-old, expressed the desire to murder all African Americans because '…(they) had no value, ,…and were just like ISIS.'   The indictment also charges that Nocera ordered police officers assigned to protect high school basketball games to bring along police dogs to intimidate black spectators. To read more about institutional racism, click on   One hopes that Nocera will quickly get his day in court.

Not All Viking Warriors Were Men

According to The New York Post, the recently reexamined remains of a major Viking warrior, have turned out to be the bones of a woman. The Viking-era grave, found in the late 1800s by archeologist Hjalmar Stolpe, had been thought to be that of an important male warrior. In addition to the bones, the grave contained an ax, spear, armor-piercing arrows, a battle knife, shields and the remains of two horses. A recent reexamination of the skeleton revealed the presence of fine cheekbones and feminine hip bones. A subsequent DNA analysis confirmed that the skeleton was female. To learn more about Viking Warrior Women, visit    Additional information about the mid-10th Century grave may be found at

HIV/AIDS Remains A Problem For 'Discordant Couples'

The National Institute of Health recently posted information aimed to protect HIV-discordant couples from disease transmittal. Discordant couples are couples where one member is HIV positive and the other member is HIV negative. The graphic teaches such couples how to avoid transmitting the disease to the uninfected partner. To learn more about this health issue, click on Readers may print a color copy of this chart for easy reference. I wonder whether or not the 2018 Trump budget contains funds tor this program. If only Republicans cared for people as much as they care for tax cuts.

New Ransomware Threat

Earlier this year the Internet world faced threats from both the Wanna Cry and the Petya ransomware viruses. Organizations in Russia and the Ukraine as well as a small number of organizations in Germany and Turkey fell victim to these virus threats. Now, a new threat has emerged. Bad Rabbit. This new virus began infecting computer networks on October 24th. To find out whether or not your computer is at risk, visit If you have not subscribed to  yet, you need to do so.   And so it goes.