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Many Mass Murderers Are Also Domestic Abusers

According to a recent post, of the 156 mass shootings from 2009 to 2016 more than half the killers also had a history of domestic violence. Many men who commit domestic violence become known to police agencies. But all too often, these men find ways to avoid jail time. And the National Rifle Association argues that no firearms restrictions should be placed on known domestic abusers because of Second Amendment rights that assure that everyone should be able to own firearms regardless of the risks involved. To read more about this issue, visit

Additional information on the links between mass murderers and domestic abusers may be accessed at

Time To Register Kids For DEC Summer Camps

It's not even Thanksgiving and the ground remains snowless, but the season to register kids for NYS DEC summer camps is upon us. At DEC camps, campers explore diverse habitats, learn basic ecological concepts and practice outdoor skills. All DEC camps offer sportsmen education classes including hunting and archery. Check for availability at the four DEC summer camps for prospective 2018 campers. The camp schedules will be posted in the coming weeks. To find out more about DEC camps for 14 to 17 year-olds as well as camps for younger children click on   Another example of your state taxes at work.

24/7 Wall Street  Lists Most Dangerous States To Live In

In the U.S. violent crime is classified as aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and homicide. Crime statistics say that nationally, there were 397 violent crimes per one hundred thousand people in 2016. The National crime rate increased from 385 crimes per 100,000 people in 2015. But this crime rate shows a major decrease from the crime rates nationally which totaled 758 crimes per one hundred thousand people during 1984 to 1991. This is good news unless you're a crime victim. The website listed current crime rates for all 50 states for last year. For the timid, move to Maine; it has the lowest crime rate. For braver individuals, Alaska comes in at number one with the most crime per one hundred thousand people. To see where New York places, surf over to

Basic Research That Proves The Obvious

Researchers at UCLA recently published the results of a study of air pollution at bus stops.The study concluded that to improve the air for bus riders, bus stops should be moved away from intersections to the middle of blocks. Studies have proved that many bus riders wait 15 to 25 minutes for buses.   Busy intersections produce large amounts of toxic gas from vehicle traffic. So, to improve air quality for waiting passengers, moving away from vehicle pollutants at intersections will improve the air quality of wait times. Duh! To learn move about the study that proves the obvious, click on

Good News Department

German doctors recently saved the life of a little boy suffering from a rare skin disease. The doctors' recently released news that the boy's life was saved by the use of artificial skin grown using genetically modified stem cells. At first, doctors tried traditional treatment using natural skin transplants but the procedure failed.The disease called epidermolysis bullosa (EB) had destroyed about 60 percent of the boy's skin.The child has now fully recovered. To learn more about this experimental treatment, click on

More Good News

According to, sex rarely leads to heart attack deaths. Only 34 out of more than 4,500 cardiac arrests were caused by sexual activity in the Portland, Ore. area. The study tracked such data from 2002 to 2015. That number translates to a 0.7 percent occurrence, of sex-related cardiac arrest events, researchers noted. This finding came from a larger study of heart risk factors for more than one million people living in the greater Portland area over the last 16 years. To learn more about the findings, visit   And so it goes.