Intruder report was a hoax

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Officers from the Ontario and Yates County Sheriff’s Offices, state police and other departments were searching for two men with a gun in a yellow Hummer for part of the afternoon last Wednesday, Feb. 20 — until they learned that a report that the men had tried to force their way into a home on Route 245 in Stanley had been made up by a minor.

An unidentified adult had called 911 at 2:31 p.m. to report that two men, one wearing a ski mask, had pulled up to the home, gotten out of the yellow Hummer and brandished a gun. The caller reported that the culprits “pounded on the door and demanded entry,” said Sgt. Doug Smith of the Ontario County Sheriff’s office.

According to the caller, the two would-be intruders then got back in the Hummer and fled.

Officers in the area — including a part-time patrol officer from Geneva, four deputies, a trooper, an investigator and a sergeant from the sheriff’s office — were assigned to the case, which was deemed to be a hoax a short while later, Smith said.

He said the caller was an adult who had gotten the bad information from the juvenile. The sheriff’s office does not release the names of juveniles.

The minor could face charges like falsely reporting an incident, though the matter would likely be handled in Ontario County Family Court.