Yates County Sheriff Report for August 4, 2008

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Morgan L. Davis, 17, of 4935 Bath Road, Dundee and Brandi M. Williams, 18, of 3364 Willet Road, Keuka Park, were arrested on July 29 at 1:30 a.m. for consuming alcohol under the age of 21. Yates County Deputies Randy Andrews and Kevin Crofoot were called to a noise complaint at 326 East Lake Road, Penn Yan and during the course of the investigation, found Davis and Williams had consumed alcohol at the location. Appearance tickets were issued for Town of Milo Court and Davis and Williams were turned over to their parents.

Richard L. Sampson III, 49 of 4917 Hillcrest, Drive, Dundee was arrested July 29  for felony driving while intoxicated (DWI) and aggravated unlicensed operation (first degree felony). Dep. Randy Andrews and Sgt. John Warner were called to Dundee for the report of an intoxicated driver. Sampson was located operating his vehicle at Highland Park Apartments in an intoxicated condition. He was placed through field sobriety tests and placed under arrest. He was transported to the Yates County Jail for a chemical test to determine his BAC.  Sampson refused to take the test and was arraigned in the Village of Dundee Court and remanded to Yates County Jail in lieu of $15,000 cash or $30,000 secured bond.  This DWI charge is a Class D Felony due to Sampson being convicted of DWI in 2006 and convicted of DWI in 2007.  The AUO first degree charge is a felony due to Sampson driving on a revoked conditional driver’s license for DWI while in an intoxicated condition.  He received numerous other vehicle and traffic tickets.

Chris Hollar, 32, of 127 Ogden St., Penn Yan, was charged July 30 at 4:35 a.m. with DWI and moving from a lane unsafely. Hollar was stopped for the traffic charge and during the stop an odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected.  He was placed through a series of field sobriety tests and found to be in an intoxicated condition. Hollar was taken to the Yates County Public Safety Building for further testing. He was issued tickets for Benton Town Court.

Brooke Franceskino, 18, of 1556 Bennet Road, Dundee, was arrested July 30 for harassment (second degree). Franceskino threatened to hurt and kill a Town of Barrington resident during a domestic incident. Franceskino was arraigned in the Town of Starkey Court and remanded to Yates County Jail in lieu of $200 cash bail or $400 bond.  Deputy Brad Cole was assisted by New York State Police in the arrest.

Billie J. Dorsey, 16, of 4158 Comstock Road, Penn Yan, was arrested July 30 on the charge of burglary (second degree). An investigation revealed that Dorsey allegedly entered a residence on the Comstock Road in the Town of Jerusalem and stole property from the residence. He was arraigned in the Town of Jerusalem Court and committed to the Yates County Jail in lieu of bail. Dorsey is to appear at a later date to answer charges. Sgt. Derek Blumbergs, Inv. Scott Backer and Deputy Scott Smith were the investigating officers.

Amy L. Hickey, 32, of 25 Jefferson Ave., Geneva was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation (third degree) July 31. She was stopped by Dep. Charles Emerson for a traffic infraction on State Route 14A and a background check revealed she had a suspended license. She was arraigned in the Town of Benton Court and released to answer charges at a later date. 

Paul M. Khouzam, 27, of 2 Genesee St., Geneva was charged Aug. 1 with harassment (second degree). He was arrested on a warrant from Town of Jerusalem Court after it is alleged he subjected a Branchport resident to unwanted physical contact July 31. Khouzam was arraigned in Town of Jerusalem Court and released to answer the charge at a later date.

Brian E. Kluss, 45, of 3341 Ferguson Corners Road, Penn Yan was arrested on Aug. 3 for aggravated unlicensed operation (second degree) and speeding by Dep. Scott Smith. Kluss was stopped for the speeding violation and a subsequent investigation revealed he was driving on a revoked license.  Kluss was arraigned in Town of Jerusalem Court. He will answer charges in Potter Town Court at a later date.

Fifteen teens were arrested at an underage drinking party early Sunday morning, Aug. 3, in the Village of Rushville. All were charged with an A.B.C. violation and will appear to answer charges in the Village of Rushville Court.  Charged were: Jeff M. Mott, 18, of Stanley; Sadie I. Burkard, 18, of Rushville; Ben A. Parrinello, 19, of Stanley; Matthew C. Boyd, 17, of Rushville; Margaret S. Finnan, 19, of Rushville; Jess R. Kasel, 19, of Stanley; Mary E. Hall, 19, of Victor; Lance Eddinger, 18, of Canandaigua; James K. Loss, 18; of Fairport; Anne A.A. Hunter, 17, of Middlesex; Jaclyn R. Donner, 19, of Rushville; Molly L. Robson, 17, of Stanley; Stacey A. Brink, 19, of Hall; Brett A. Havens, 19, of Middlesex and Marshall D. Fladd, 17, of Rushville.