Ron Dailey sentenced to 15 months

Thomas Fleming

PENN YAN — Ron Dailey, a former Penn Yan village trustee and Penn Yan Middle School teacher, was  sentenced Aug. 7 to 15 months in Yates County Jail after being convicted of

three counts of third-degree grand larceny, a Class D felony.

"I'm very remorseful and very sorry," Dailey said to Judge Dennis Bender.

Dailey plead guilty May 15 to three counts of grand larceny. His sentencing was

delayed several times before Aug. 7. The original sentencing date was June 19.

Dailey has refunded both the Sheldon Hose Company and the Penn Yan Middle School

for the money he took.

In May, Dailey admitted that he took a total of $51,436.94 from the Sheldon Hose

Company and two Penn Yan Middle School accounts.

He took $37,081.25 from the Sheldon Hose Company from 2003 to 2007, $7,085 from

the Penn Yan Middle School Teacher's Social Account at Five Star Bank from Sept.

2005 to Oct. 2007 and $7,270.69 from the Penn Yan Middle School Activities

Account at Five Star Bank from Nov. 2004 to Dec. 2006.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Cook spoke for the people in the People vs.

Ron Dailey case.

Cook said he didn't think the proposed pre-sentence adequately conveyed the

extent of Dailey's crimes.

"These crimes have violated the trust of the community," Cook said. "He had a

spending problem, not a gambling problem."

Bender agreed with Cook that the damage done by Dailey's actions extend beyond

taking money, commenting on Dailey's role as a social studies teacher at Penn

Yan Middle School.

"Everything you said and did is rendered meaningless," Bender said, referring to

the impact Dailey's actions had on his former students.

Dailey's defense attorney, John Schuppenhauer, argued that Dailey suffers from a

gambling addiction, which is "a disease destructive to society." He also

stressed that Dailey is very remorseful for his actions. Schuppenhauer argued

against Cook's accusation that Dailey has a spending problem by saying that

there is no evidence that Dailey had a lavish lifestyle.

Dailey said he that he has not gambled or placed a bet in 16 months.

Bender said that although he agrees Dailey may have a gambling addiction, he

does not think Dailey did enough to fight it.

"You chose not to fight that disease," Bender said.

Dailey was taken into custody by the Yates County Sheriff's Office.