Underage drinking party and pot on Canandaigua Lake

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Nineteen underage drinkers were arrested at 2:25 a.m. by Yates County Sheriff's Deputies at a large party at 700 East Lake Road on Canandaigua Lake in Middlesex. After a search by K-9 Hasko, Anthony J. Walker, 18, of 2126 New Michigan Road, Canandaigua, was found to have a pipe and bag of marijuana. He is charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and of alcohol under age 21.

The following subjects are charged with unlawful possession of alcohol under age 21:

Taylor Falk, 17, of 4800 Arnold Road, Rushville.

Jordan J. Quayle, 17, of 26 Mohawk Lane, Canandaigua.

Bryan T. Hanley, 20, of 103 Seneca Drive, Canandaigua.

Nicholas R. Smith, 18, of 3604 Ridge Run, Canandaigua.

Megan M. Thull, 17, of 723 Wayneport Road, Macedon.

Nicolas R. Wood, 18, of 3495 Lincoln Hill Road, Canandaigua.

Kristan M. Katherina, 19, of 45 Fort Hill Road, Canandaigua.

Courtney R. Katherina, 19, of 45 Fort Hill Road, Canandaigua.

Justin A. D'Amato, 18, of 26 Scottland Road, Canandaigua.

Amanda L. Philly, 18, of 5085 Foster Hill Road, Canandaigua.

Richard R. Liberio, 19, of 3386 Poplar Beach, Canandaigua.

Alex M. Smith 16, of 168 Ontario St., Canandaigua.

Laura M. Hoffman, 17, of 115 Howell Street, Canandaigua.

Erin E. O'Donnel, 20, of 5152 Sage Terrace, Canandaigua.

Shane T. Dobies, 19, of 20 Highland Terrace, Canandaigua.

Carter M. Matson, 19, of 5160 Parrish St. Ext., Canandaigua.

Matthew A. Ferris, 19, of 1734 Rte. 332, Farmington.

Colin J. Guay, 18, of 3667 Middle Chesire Road, Canandaigua.

All of the above were issued appearance tickets and released.