Yellow dots help in emergencies

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike reminds county residents the public safety initiative called the “Yellow Dot Program” is available in Yates County. Sheriff’s throughout New York State bring this free program to residents to ensure accurate medical information is available to rescuers in an emergency.

The title refers to a decal that will be provided to those taking part in the project. Along with the window decal, the Yellow Dot kit contains a medical information card which contains vital information such as: the participant’s name, address, telephone numbers, emergency contact information, physician contact information, preferred hospital, blood type, medications, and allergies. Participants may complete the card, attach a recent photo to it, place it in the glove compartment of their vehicles, and place the Yellow Dot decal on the driver’s side rear window.

First responders arriving at the scene of a roadside emergency will be alerted by the Yellow Dot decal to look for critical medical information in the glove compartment. “The Yellow Dot Program provides vital life-saving medical information to first responders during the first “golden hour” after an auto crash or other emergency,” says Sheriff Spike. “When every precious minute counts, the information provided on a Yellow Dot information card will be valuable to medical providers.

“The program could also be used in your home by placing the Yellow Dot on your door and the card in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator.

Funded by the New York State Sheriff’s Association, the Yellow Dot Program is free as a public service and is available to people of all ages.

The Yates County Sheriff’s Office will have these life-saving kits available to anyone interested in obtaining them at the Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Building in Penn Yan. They can also be mailed to Yates County residents upon request by contacting the Sheriff’s Office via email or call Administrative Division at 315-536-5172.