Penn Yan Police rescue suicidal person from train trestle

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

PENN YAN –  Police were called at 12:25 a.m. Saturday, May 2 to the railroad trestle between Garfield Ave. and Seneca St. for a report of a suicidal subject threatening to jump from the bridge.

Penn Yan Police Chief Thomas Dunham reports officers located the subject on the bridge’s railing, partially hanging over the edge. The person was clearly distraught and threatening to jump.  

Officers engaged the person in conversation and attempted to coax them from the bridge. At one point, the person looked away from the police and Officer Wesley Hines, fearing the person was going to jump, wrapped the person in a bear hug and pulled them to safety. 

Once subdued by officers, the person continued to act hysterical, says Dunham, was escorted from the bridge, and taken to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital for a check over. 

“This was an excellent job by Penn Yan Police to save a person who was in emotional distress,” says Dunham. “Officer Wesley Hines, Officer Nick Fratto, and Sgt. Brad Cole all acted quickly to deescalate the situation and to rescue the person to safety.”