Hebding pleas to lesser charge in Naples stabbing case

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

ROBERT HEBDING,38, of Naples, charged with 2nd degree assault, 2nd degree criminal possession of a weapon (class D violent felonies), and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child (class A misdemeanor,  accepted a plea bargain via skype Thursday, May 7, according to Yates County District Attorney Todd Casella.

Yates County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Hebding Nov. 16 in his home where he allegedly used a knife to injure another man in the presence of two children. Investigators said the victim, also 38, received serious hand injuries and a non-life-threatening injury to his upper torso.

At Hebding’s  arraignment in January, Casella argued for Hebding to be remanded, noting that Hebding had a youthful offender conviction here in 2000, but absconded to Portland, Ore. where he was homeless for a number of years and committed other offenses. He returned to the county in 2018, voluntarily and disabled, to complete his sentence. Cook remanded him on $10,000 bail, $20,000 bond, or $30,000 partially secured bond.

In the deal, Hebding pled guilty to 2nd degree attempted assault in satisfaction of the charges in exchange for a promised sentence of one year in the Yates County Jail together with any fines, fees, or surcharges. 

“As you know not much has been happening in the Courts as of late. However, we have been cleared to take pleas on certain cases,” said Casella. “The case is adjourned for sentencing as we are not able to do that remotely.”