Fire destroys Himrod home

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Charred rubble is all that remains of the home of Michael J. Pollack Jr. in Himrod, where he and his dog, Buck, had a narrow escape. At right can be seen the stove that was the source of the fire.

A fire just before midnight Thursday, May 7 claimed the family home of Michael J. Pollack Jr., 50, at the end of Harrison Road in Himrod. Yates County Sheriff’d deputies report that fire departments from Himrod, Dundee, Penn Yan, and Tyrone responded, only to find the two-story house fully engulfed in flames. The structure and its contents were completely destroyed.

Pollack says he grew up in the house from the age of six, but is often away for weeks at a time as a long-haul truck driver. He and his dog, Buck, were the only ones at home at the time of the fire. Pollack says he fell asleep having left his dinner cooking on the stove. “I woke up 10 minutes too late to save the house,” he says, but looking at his bandaged right hand, burned in his escape from the fire, he acknowledges that he was lucky to wake up in time to save himself and Buck. He is sad for the loss of the home he grew up in, but says he was more worried about the firefighters who risked their lives trying to combat the flames.

The house was not insured, but Pollack and his faithful Chesapeake Bay Retriever are living comfortably in the sleeper cab of his truck, and he has many family members in the area who will help. Pollack hopes one day to build another home on his family place.