Missing man's body recovered from Seneca Lake

John Christensen The Chronicle-Express
Daniel Manganaro

The body of DANIEL MANGANARO, 27, of Horseheads, who drowned almost one month ago, has been recovered from one of the deepest parts of Seneca Lake.

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike issued a press release saying the N.Y. State Police Underwater Recovery Team (URT), using underwater sonar along with Sheriffs Marine Patrols have been searching the lake with boats and drones since the official search ended April 25. Manganaro was reported missing the evening of April 19. The URT returned to the area searching with sonar this week at the deeper depths of the lake in an area near the middle of the lake off Plum Point.

"Using newly purchased additional cable length for their sonar purchased by the Manganaro family, the URT reported they had sonar confirmation of the likelihood of a body at the 571 foot depth earlier this week, and were getting the location marked, which is challenging in itself," says Spike.

Saturday morning, the URT vessel and Sheriffs Marine Patrol returned to the marked location.

The URT deployed their underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) unit and located the body at 10:17 a.m. Using the arm on the ROV, they were able to bring Manganaro's body to the surface where State Police divers entered the water and brought him into their vessel, says Spike. It was brought to the command post (CP) at Severne Point for processing by Sheriff's Investigators, and Yates Coroner Ron Daily ordered the body taken to the Soldier's & Sailors Memorial Hospital morgue in Penn Yan for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

"Daniel was identified, and his parents and family were present at the command post," said Spike. “Searching at such depths is challenging, and requires skill with special equipment,” he added. “The family can now have some closure that Daniel has been found.”

Sunday, April 19 at approx. 6:20 p.m., Daniel and Keith Seymore, 27, of Millport, left the Manganaro summer cottage on North Plum Point Road, Himrod, to paddle a canoe across the lake. They were not wearing life vests and were fully clothed. The canoe mishap with the two men occurred before sunset. A search was started following the 911 call. It was just before midnight when Seymore, suffering from hyperthermia, was spotted by an Onondaga County Sheriff’s helicopter with spotlight, and was rescued by Yates County Sheriff's Marine Patrol Officers from the flooded canoe on its side. The water at that location near the center of the lake is 583 feet deep.

Spike gave recognition to the N.Y. State Police of Troop E for their assistance, and especially to Trooper Don Will, Supervisor of the Underwater Recovery Team, and to his unit members for their doggedness, and use of sonar and special equipment to make the recovery at such a depth. According to Trooper Will, “This was a multi-team effort with great assistance from Marine Sonics of Virginia, their sonar manufacturer, and from Hydro Acoustics of Rochester, their ROV maker; and many other agencies willing to assist in a recovery at such a lake depth.”

Sheriff Spike thanks everyone involved "for the synergy involved in this search and recovery."