11-year-old boy killed in farm accident

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The Chronicle Express
The Chronicle Express

A Mennonite boy from the Town of Benton was killed in a farm accident at approximately 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 2.

Yates County Deputies, Benton Fire Dept., Penn Yan Ambulance, and Medic 55 were dispatched by the 911 call to the farm of Ervin B. and Rosene E. Hoover on Baldwin Road north of Penn Yan.

The family were in the barn doing chores while 11-year old Ervin Ray Hoover was cleaning out a grain silo where, Deputies report, he became entangled in the auger.

The Sheriff's report says the boy died of his injuries, and was pronounced dead at the scene by a Yates County Coroner. The investigation of the accident in still ongoing.