HUBBA plans HUGS for 2009

Loujane Johns
HUBBA members Kelsey Strauss and Eric Multer explain the role of asset building during the group’s May 1 meeting.

HUBBA held their last formal meeting of the year on May 1. 

The agenda included:  an overview of projects and activities for this school year, thanking senior participants for carrying the word of HUBBA into the community and brainstorming a theme for next fall. 

Famous for doing clever things with acronyms, the HUBBA group came up with H.U.G.S. (Help Us Grow Stronger). 

They thought this was a good theme to work with personally and with others.  Emphasizing self-identity and growing stronger through inter-generational connections are planned goals.  Hugs not drugs may also be included.

Nancy Jameson, HUBBA coordinator, shared a note from Derek Hoover,  a soldier in Iraq, thanking them for a donation of supplies collected from the Survivor activity.

Members have been meeting in small groups with members of the community to get adults other than teachers interested in HUBBA. 

Jameson told the students, “The adults were so impressed with what you do.’