Dundee board polls public on pool

Gwen Chamberlain

The Dundee Central School Board of Education is looking at the possibilities for  the district’s next capital project, and would like to know how the public feels about adding a swimming pool to the school.

A pool often is suggested when improvements are being considered, according to an open letter to the community that’s posted on the school district’s Website. A web-based survey has been established to gauge the community’s support or opposition to the addition of a pool.

According to information provided on the district’s web page, a new pool facility added to the existing school building could cost $9.45 million. A pool facility located somewhere on the district property but not connected to the existing building could cost $13.55 million. In either case, the state may reimburse as little as nothing to the maximum amount of $540,000.

That would leave local tax burden of between $8.9 million to $13.55 million, depending on the scenario. Annual operating and maintenance costs would be around $90,000.

“A pool offers many, many benefits to our students and to our community, but the cost of the pool is high. Your input is critical as we begin to evaluate our “wants” and “needs” for projectinclusion. Currently we are considering putting the pool out as a separate proposition, and need to know if this concept is viable,” says the letter from the board of education on the web page, where the poll is available.

Anyone unable to participate in the online poll who would like to express a preference, should contact the Dundee Central School District Office at 607-243-5533.

Survey results will be counted through Sept. 5.