Learning to give at PYE

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Second graders Jenna Conley and Samantha Lacky watch as volunteer Connie Glover wraps the gifts they’ve chosen at the Bazaar.

The giving season can be exciting and mysterious, especially when it’s one of your first opportunities to choose gifts for family.

But there is plenty of help at the bazaar organized by staff and volunteers at the Penn Yan Elementary School each year. Students have about 20 minutes to wander from table to table to find up to three gifts to give to others at no charge.

Volunteers help them think about the people they are shopping for, and then help them wrap the gifts.

Steve Youngs, a volunteer whose son is a fifth grade student, helps set up tables and re-stock items from the supply of donated gifts.

This year, the items began arriving in October, and by the time some of the last classes were making their way to the great room converted to a shopping mall last week, 62 boxes of items had been donated.

For Jane Snyder, one of the volunteers who wrapped scores of gifts, it’s a part  of the season she anticipates each December.

And that’s another priceless gift the children give.