Penn Yan School staff cuts may go deeper

Gwen Chamberlain

 Even if the Penn Yan Central School District receives more state or federal funds than is expected at this stage of the game, staff reductions will be included in the 2009-2010 budget.

At last week’s school board meeting, Superintendent Ann Orman presented a plan to reduce the district staff by 19.5 full time positions plus some hours for other positions. The reductions will trim a total of $781,946.57 from the district’s budget when salaries, benefits and insurance costs are totaled.

Orman told the board as work continues on the budget, additional staffing cuts could be proposed, but she’s hoping most of the reductions can be handled through attrition.

“We’re working very hard to keep all the staff we have,” she said, adding that the school district employees are offering creative suggestions to make reductions.

Meeting with the board on Wednesday, March 4, she said she was processing information from staff seeking the retirement incentive package adopted by the district last month. Since March 4, she has received retirement resignations from Penn Yan Academy Principal Keith Matthews, who has been with the school district since 1998; teachers Brian Minor, Carole Chase, Cheryl Stewart and Carol Darrow and teaching assistant Elliott Vorce.

The proposed reductions and projected savings as presented last week were:

• Eliminate part time positions in the human resources department for calling in substitutes, $13,572.

• Reduce hours for a keyboard specialist, $5,000

‚•Four full time elementary teaching positions, $175,000

• One half-time English as a Second Language position, which is vacant, $19,696

•Two and a half secondary level teaching positions, $104,640

•Three full time teaching assistant positions in the academy, $54,915.

•Four full time teacher aides in the middle school and elementary school, $99,198

•One half-time computer tech position

•One full time guidance counselor in the elementary school, $50,872.

•Reduction in the summer days for a guidance counselor, $11,738

•One full time psychologist, $47,879

•Reduction in the summer days for a psychologist, $3,197

•Reduction in the summer days for a social worker, $2,566

•Morning supervisor stipend position in academy, $4,544

•Morning supervisor stipend position in the middle school, $6,056

•Three full time coaching positions, $7,266

•Strength and conditioning, $6,744


he school district’s teaching staff payroll accounts for $8.1 million in the draft 2009-2010 budget, down from $8.5 million this year.

Oman said she will likely present additional cuts in coaching, administration and transportation.

“We will get through it and hopefully make it as painless as possible,” she said.