Penn Yan Elementary staff strut their stuff

Loujane Johns
A variety of personalities came through on the red carpet at Penn Yan Elementary School last week.

Some strolled, some danced and others flaunted their best modeling talents, as members of the Parent and Teachers Association  and C.S.E.A.walked the long red carpet at the Penn Yan Elementary School on Dec. 21.

A crowd gathered in the hallway before most students arrived. Cheers, applause and lots of laughter echoed in the halls.

The first annual Christmas attire contest was inspired by corny network reporter Bill Geist.  The models had to pay a $2 entry fee.  The winners in each category, nice (traditional), good (novelty) and Naughty (gaudy) split the pot with their favorite charities.

The event of the season was judged by “Three Wise Persons,” Superintendent Ann Orman; Fifth Grade Teacher Gene Murphy and Head Custodian David Armstrong.