St. Michael’s School tuition remains stable for 2011-’12

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

St. Michael’s School Principal Dave Paddock announces that, for the first time in many years, the school will be holding the line on the cost of tuition at the school and that there will be no increase in tuition for the 2011-12 school year over current levels.  

Paddock explained that while costs of operation have increased, it has always been the goal of St. Michael’s to make the high quality education it offers affordable to all families.  

Paddock said, “We have been blessed with wonderful community support through donations and contributions and we continue to work hard at our on-going fundraising activities and that combination allows us to hold the line on tuition for next year.  We are really pleased to do so, but it wouldn’t be possible without the many gifts, both large and small, that those in the community continue to make to our school.  We will continue to rely on the generosity and support of our alumni, the people in this fantastic community, and others who have made our school the recipient of their donations.”

Enrollment has steadily increased over the last several years at the Catholic school which has been in operation since 1882, bucking national trends of declining enrollment and the closing of many Catholic schools.  

“We have a great thing going on in this school” Paddock says, adding, “And the secret is out. We are traditional and at the same time progressive.  We are professional and extremely caring, our school is family oriented, safe, and our expectations are high.  Undoubtedly, the community not only recognizes the excellence of St. Mike’s, but appreciates and supports it as well.  Keeping the tuition level for next year is our way of showing our appreciation to the community.”

Registration for the 2011-12 school year began on Feb. 1 and will continue throughout the spring and summer.  St. Michael’s School welcomes children of all faiths and scholarships and tuition assistance are available.  Interested families should contact Paddock at 536-6112 for more information and/or a tour of the school!