Dundee School cuts teams, bus purchases

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Dundee School officials are getting closer to their final budget proposal for the next school year. While they still have some work to do, they whittled more costs from the budget on March 24, bringing the tax levy increase down to 3.8 percent, and total spending down to $4.7 million.

Cuts that were decided last week include:

• TEAMS: In conjunction with decisions made by other school districts in the Finger Lakes West leagues, the following athletic teams have been cut: girls modified volleyball, boys and girls modified basketball, boys JV baseball, girls JV softball, boys varsity tennis and fall cheerleading.

• BUS PURCHASE: The cost of bus purchases was removed from the budget and will be submitted for voter approval in a separate proposition to establish a bus reserve fund and authorize the purchase.

These cuts are in addition to cuts made previously, including the reduction of one Social Studies teaching position, one second grade class position and driver education.

Items that will be discussed at the next meeting on April 7 will be the business teacher position, guidance counselors and technology purchases.

Other business at the March 24 meeting included:

• CONSOLIDATION STUDY: The board agreed to seek proposals to conduct a feasibility study of the consolidation of services between the Dundee, Penn Yan and Marcus Whitman School Districts. The study, to be conducted between June 1 and July 1 will look at the possibilities of consolidating business services, transportation, food service, special education, technology support and administration between the three districts.

• MOVIE: Board President Joseph Capurso said following the last board meeting, when parents of fourth grade pupils complained about movie The Patriot being shown to the elementary pupils, he viewed the 51-minute-long edited version of the film that is shown. He said he saw some positives in the film along with some negatives, but he added, “If it was me looking at it as a parent, I would be in support of it.” He suggested perhaps in the future, films should be shown to a small committee of parents.

• GRADUATION: Superintendent Kathy Ring reported that Gene Pierce, owner of Glenora Wine Cellars, has offered that the school can hold this year’s graduation ceremony on the winery’s property on Route 14. The school’s front lawn, where the graduation ceremony is usually held, will not be available this year because the improvements to the grounds will be underway.

• MEETING: The next regular meeting of the board will be at 7 p.m. April 7 in the public meeting room.