Fur, feathers and scales visit Branchport Library

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
What was she thinking? One can only guess what was going through Becky Holder's mind as she allows parrots to perch on her arms.

Doris and Kevin Lannon, owners of The Living Collection Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation, brought some of their animals to the Modeste Bedient Library in Branchport last week for a standing-room-only crowd to enjoy.

The Lannons presented animals from around the world, including a kinkajou, fennec fox, python, parrots, monkey and wallaby.

The Living Collection, located in Seneca County, offers educational programs, a mobile petting zoo and special events featuring their collection of rare and exotic animals.

The Living Collection is a federally licensed and fully insured professional firm offering education and entertainment with animals of all types.

TLC works to promote awareness about Exotic and Endangered animals. The goal is to introduce children and adults to the animals and educate them on their history, habitat and purpose.