Penn Yan Elementary and St. Michael’s School students give to Food for the Needy

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Because the St. Michael’s students beat their goal of collecting 500 cans of items to donate to Food for the Needy, they were rewarded with a chance to “cream” teacher Keith Prather and principal Dave Paddock. From left are St. Michael’s student Christian Reinard, Prather, Paddock, and Riley Griffiths Reinard and Griffiths won the chance to wield the pies.

Elementary students in Penn Yan are learning some important life lessons early.

Students at Penn Yan Elementary School recently collected over 1,000 food items plus $42.16 in loose change to donate to Food for the Needy.

The students presented the items to Milly Bloomquist, who was honored before the school’s holiday concert last week. Fifth grade students talked about Milly’s ability to “synergize” in the Food for the Needy and Christmas for the Needy programs. She is the students’ inspiration for public service.

She told the school of her trip to Washington D.C., her meeting with the president and showed the medal he presented to her for the 50 + years she has served the community.  

In addition to academic excellence, the mission at St. Michael’s School includes developing a true concern for others in all the students at the school.  As part of that mission each year the school conducts a canned food drive to support the local Food for the Needy program.  

This year almost 700 cans were donated by the St. Michael’s children and staff and since the goal of 500 cans was easily surpassed school principal Dave Paddock and teacher Keith Prather were rewarded with a creamy pie in the face.

Students Christian Reinard and Riley Griffiths were randomly selected to do the honors to the great delight of the student body and it would also seem to the faculty as well.

Penn Yan Elementary Principal Marcie Ware introduces fifth graders Elijah Galvez, Marco Espana, Brady Logan and Ana Payne, who pid tribut to Milly Bloomquist before the school’s holiday concert last week. The students donated about 1,000 food items and over $42 to Food for the Needy.