Student art show reflects creativity and imagination

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Marcus Whitman art student Nathan Smith with his ceramic vase, which earned the Best in Show award.

An intricately designed ceramic vase created by a ninth grade Marcus Whitman student was judged the best piece in the Yates County Student Art show now on exhibit at the Yates County Arts Center.  

Nathan Smith’s double handled dragon vase led a strong showing of some of the best work created by middle and high school students from Penn Yan, Dundee, Rushville and the many communities feeding into our county’s regional schools.  

Judges for the exhibit included sculptor Donald Sottile, painter and teacher Robin McCondichie-Secrest, and watercolorist Kathy Rood.  

Awards were given to students from each of the three schools in two dimensional art, three-dimensional art and photography.  

The judges also requested that three pieces be given special “judge’s awards” as works that caught the eye and imagination of individual judges.  

Rood, McCondichie-Secrest and Sottile were extremely impressed by the work of so many talented young people.  They noted that the exhibit shows an amazing display of imagination, particularly in the three dimensional and photographic pieces.

“The art teachers certainly deserve plenty of credit,” says Sottile.  “What they’re teaching and the projects they’re choosing to assign are obviously encouraging a great deal of individual expression and creativity.  There are so many pieces here that, while not formally recognized, are really good.”

The judges spent several hours reviewing and discussing the student work on display while reaching their decisions.  They commended all the students for their creativity, imagination, humor and inventiveness.  

The Student Art Show runs through May 12 at the Yates County Arts Center in Penn Yan.


Best in Show: Nathan Smith, 9th Grade, Marcus Whitman, ceramic vase

Marcus Whitman

2 Dimensional Art

1st place: Olivia Kunes, 9th, collage self-portrait  

2nd place: Trina Furdey, 9th, cupcake   

3rd place: Brandon Proctor, 12th, lino portrait    

Honorable mentionMichael Ross, 7th, flowers              

3 Dimensional Art

1st place: Emma Knapp, 9th, cardboard abstract

2nd place: Cassie Bingham, 7th, yellow bowl       

3rd place: Victoria Turan, 11th, mask

Honorable mention: Rachel Wells, 9th, ceramic


1st place: Chelsea Lead, 11th, self portrait

2nd place: Kayla Mussao, 12th, butterfly

3rd place- Mark Combs, 12th, portrait

Heather Booth, 12th, architectural collage


2 Dimensional Art

1st place: Brennan Krall, 9th, shadow portrait    

2nd place: David Lamphier, 7th, spotted dog

3rd place: Josh Smith, 9th, contemplation

Honorable mention:  Jacob Stoudt, 7th, india ink

3 Dimensional Art

1st place: Paul Pollock, 10th, ceramics

2nd place: Calley Knapp, 7th, ceramics       

3rd place: Hannah Rodgers, 7th, ceramics

 Honorable mention: Andi Wood, 7th, ceramics


1st place: Taylor Heitman, 10th, baby

2nd place: Taylor Heitman, 10th, basketball

3rd place- Amber Sprague, 10th, portrait collage

Honorable mention: Leah Woods, 12th, boy and dog

Penn Yan

2 Dimensional Art

1st place: Kara Hollowell, frog

2nd place: Jay Vollmer, tree collage

3rd place: Nicole Tuyul, Acrylic eye

Honorable mention: Jon Lucas, penguin        

3 Dimensional Art        

1st place: Stephanie Owens, 8th,  tree

2nd place: Heather Anderson, ceramics

3rd place: Kayli Harling, 8th, fish sandwich

Honorable mention: Heather Anderson, ceramics


1st place: Toni Parsons, dock rope

2nd place: Alissa Brennan, heart book

3rd place- Allie Peterson, tree branches

Honorable mention: Annelisa Decker, park bench

Judge’s awards

• Allie Peterson, 12th, PYA: stall photograph

• Shane Hanes, 7th, Dundee: Betrayal painting

• Paul Pollack, 10th and Kasey Taft, 9th Dundee: 7th Day of Christmas cartoon.