Damage to Penn Yan School property tops $260K

Gwen Chamberlain
Debris that clogged Sucker Brook on the Penn Yan School property resulted in damage to the grounds.

The mid-May flooding in Yates County resulted in more than $260,000 in damage to school buildings and grounds in Penn Yan.

At last week’s regular meeting, the school board heard a report from Brian Cieslinski of SEI Design Group on his findings after the May 14 and May 16 flooding incidents. Among the damage:

• Elementary School: Water flowed around the west side of the gymnasium and seeped through the double doors into the gym, damaging about 600 sq. ft, which should be repaired with surface sanding and recoating at an estimated cost of $1,800.

• Middle School: The Middle School escaped damage from the first storm, but on May 16, water flowed from the west and went under the doors into the gymnasium and under the wood floor. Cieslinski said the floor will get worse because the water underneath the floor has nowhere to go. His recommendation is to remove and replace 800 sq. ft. of the floor, then resurface the entire floor.

Rain water that collected in a hood for an exhaust unit on the roof overflowed, damaging a 10 sq. ft. area that will need to be replaced.

Cieslinski said other signs of water damage was found in areas under stairs.

Repairs to the middle school could cost up to $28,600.

• General Stadium, track, turf field: Stone from the area around the scoreboard along with silt washed over the retaining wall and was swept onto the track and edges of the soccer field. The track surface should be power washed and the top layer should be re-striped.

The trench drains that encircle the turf field have filled with mud, silt and stones. They drain to a check valve that is part of the drainage system for the field itself, which means the field is not draining properly now. The sand and rubber pellet filler on the turf field will need to be replaced as well. Repairs to the track will cost $27,000; to the general stadium $30,000, $9750 to the turf field, and $4272 to the area around the scoreboard.

• Elementary playscape, gravel road: Stormwater flowing down the hill picked up stone from the gravel road and deposited it within the playscape.

• General Grounds: culverts and fencing were damaged, debris was left around the grounds, mud and sediment was left on the tennis courts, damage was done to the bus loop, driveway and parking lot. Large debris in Sucker Brook blocked a box culvert that goes under the driveway to the bus garage from Liberty Street. The culvert itself has not been damaged, but the asphalt and soil around the culvert does need repairs. These repairs will cost over $116,000.

Cieslinski has been in touch with the New York State Education Department, and was advised the district needs to work with its insurance carrier first. The district’s fiscal advisors recommend the district go ahead with repairs paid from the district’s capital reserves and then seek reimbursement.

“There’s an urgency from a health and safety point of view,” noted Superintendent David Hamilton. He also pointed out some of the work must be done when weather conditions are favorable.