Madison Neu is Yates Distinguished Youth

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Distinguished Youth Honoree Madison Neu (center) with Youth Bureau Director Alicia Avellaneda (left) and Human Services Chair Leslie Church.

Madison Neu was recognized as Yates County Distinguished Youth for the fourth quarter of 2016 by the Yates County Legislature Feb. 6.

The Distinguished Youth Award was created by the Youth Board in 2011 to recognize youth who are positive role models, have performed outstanding service for their community, and/or have assumed extraordinary roles within their families.

Madison Neu is the daughter of Robert and Megan Neu of Dundee.

Madison was nominated by Chris Arnold, High School Principal and Scott Shepardson, teacher and athletic coach, for her outstanding role in the community. A senior at Dundee Central School, Madison has been described as an exemplary student with academics being one of her main priorities. She has taken several accelerated and college level courses, and was rewarded for her hard work by being inducted into the National Honor Society in 10th grade. She is class president, a member of student government, a peer tutor, a member of Natural Helpers, and was chosen as one of the delegates for Girls’ State. She has also participated in several sports including soccer, basketball, and softball.

“The one thing that separates Madison from her classmates has been her commitment to community service,” says Madison’s guidance counselor, Steve Taylor. Dundee Central School requires students to complete 20 hours of community service for graduation. Madison has completed more than 230 hours. These hours have been spent working with students after school, assisting with athletic programs, and helping with Dundee’s Little League baseball.

Arnold writes, “Madison has made service oriented work a priority, and this speaks to her compassionate spirit and nature.” It is this spirit and passion to help others in her community that they truly believe is making Yates County a better place.

The theme that repeated in her letters of recommendation is that Madison is a hardworking, dependable, trustworthy, responsible, and dedicated student, classmate, teammate, and community member. Scott Shepardson writes, “In our current age, it is not an easy task to conduct oneself at a high level at all times the way that Madison conducts herself. It is evident that she consistently puts the betterment of others ahead of herself. It is my belief that this attitude will continue for the rest of her life.”

Youth Bureau Director Alicia Avellaneda adds, “Madison is the type of person that the Youth Board looks for in a Distinguished Youth. We look forward to hearing about all that she accomplishes as she moves into adulthood.”