Dundee Highlander and Lady Scot to reign 2017-2018

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

At the regular May 17 meeting of the Dundee Rotary Club, members had the pleasure of listening to the contestants for 2017-18 Highlander and Lady Scot.

Kristen Van Valkenberg and Robyn Ballard, co-organizers of the contest, introduced the candidates. All three contestants did an excellent job talking about how they would represent Dundee if selected.

Three members of the Rotary Club served as judges. Joshua Kane was chosen as the Highlander, Whysper Davis was selected as the Lady Scot, and Emma Pollack will serve as the Lady in Waiting. Official Coronation will be held at the Dundee Scottish Festival which will be held on July 16 on the Dundee VFW grounds. Rotarians wish congratulations to all three of these fine young people.