Daisy journey begins with flowers from Troop #61087

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
The Daisy Troop posed with their flower bed when the held a garden party at the Seneca Millsite June 3. 
From left, Julie Gibson, Sophia Phillips, Ava Rose Gibson, Shanelle Morris, Claire Tette, Aniella Brower, Mara Kerrick, Josie Spencer, Breanne Hampton, Olivia Gruschow, Cynthia Washburn, Hannah Torres, and Jen Gruschow

Completing their first year of activities, Daisy Troop #61087 created a flower bed at the Seneca Millsite along the Keuka Outlet in May.

Assisted by Master Gardener and past Friends of the Outlet President Peg Thompson, troop co-leaders Jen Gruschow and Julie Gibson helped the girls plan, design, and plant the flower bed to earn their Daisy Journey Badge.

Jen Gruschow explains, “At each level of Girl Scouts, a Troop can choose to complete a Girl Scout Journey. We decided to complete the Daisy Journey Badge entitled ‘It’s Your World, Change It: Daisy Flower Garden.’ The girls learned about all the flowers in the Daisy Flower Garden, each representing a different part of the Girl Scout law. For example Vi the Violet teaches the girls to ‘be a sister to every Girl Scout’ and Mari the Marigold teaches the girls to ‘be responsible for what I say and do.’ ”

The girls attended a workshop at the Seneca Park Zoo to learn about plants and animals from around the world and here at home in our own gardens. To close out the Journey, the girls had to do a “take action project,” which means they have to complete something that has a lasting impact on their community, not just a service project that is a one day event.

“When planting our flower garden we attempted to incorporate as many flowers as we could from the ‘Daisy Flower Garden’ including lupines, zinnias, marigolds, morning glories, geraniums, roses and violets,” says Gruschow.

The girls will continue to care for the garden by weeding and watering through the summer, and hope to add other flower gardens to the community in the upcoming years.