Living Well to deliver food when & where needed

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Living Well Mission is coordinating efforts to ensure people in Yates County are able to get food during the declared State of Emergency related to COVID-19. For those in need, volunteers will be dropping off donated food. Due to health and safety concerns, they are unable to enter the premises.

Please note this is food delivery not a prepared meal. No one dropping off food on behalf of the Living Well mission will be asking you for money.

If you need food delivered or you know of someone who needs food delivered, please call 315-536-0838 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. You can also message The Well through Facebook or Instagram.

Delivery Volunteers Needed

The Living Well is looking for volunteers to drop off food for people who are unable to grocery shop during the declared State of Emergency.

Volunteers will drop off donated food items, not prepared meals, to people in need throughout Yates County. All food will be dropped at the front door. You are not required to enter homes or have direct contact with people who are receiving the food (in fact, we encourage volunteers to stay six feet away from other people).

If you are interested in serving our community please call 315-536-0838 or message them through Facebook or Instagram.

Be a Check-in Phone Caller

COVID-19 got you feeling bored? It’s time to check on your neighbors!

Living Well is looking for interested people to make friendly phone calls to other people in our community. We know it can get lonely being stuck at home, so why not sign up for a quick phone call?

If you or anyone you know wants a phone call, contact The Living Well Mission at 315-536-0838 or message them through their Facebook page or Instagram. 

They would love to help connect folks.