Online Woodtex bankruptcy auction

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The Chronicle Express

Outdoor storage sheds, other items being sold in online auction  

Scores of manufactured sheds, portable garages, cabins and other types of outdoor storage are being sold at auction as part of the bankruptcy of Woodtex. McLemore Auction Company, of Nashville, is conducting the auctions.

Most sheds are located at different retail locations around the country and are selling with no reserve. McLemore was retained by Michael Gigandet, Bankruptcy Trustee for Woodtex and other associated entities.

The auctions are being held online at grouped by location, with the largest group in Himrod, New York, the Woodtex headquarters. That auction will include tools, building materials and other items. Buyers are responsible to move the sheds to their locations, but the auction house has vendors lined up for those who need help.

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The link for the 78 unused sheds, garages and gazebos located in Himrod: