Hope Walk of Yates County will go on

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Cancer still No. 1 killer in Yates County

Did you know that cancer remains the leading cause of death in Yates County?*

The fight is real; cancer patients in our community are feeling the impact on their care, with limited supplies, loss of income, reduced access to treatments on top of additional worry over COVID-19. We must never pause in our efforts to fight cancer. COVID-19 has placed much of our lives on hold. However, cancer is never on pause. Neither is the Hope Walk of Yates County. Our mission has remained the same, committed to assisting Yates County patients diagnosed with cancer.

The annual Hope Walk of Yates County Fundraiser the “Hope Walk” will be held this year Aug. 22 at the Yates Community Center, located at 467 North Main St., Penn Yan, from 3–11 p.m. 

To ensure the success of this critical fundraiser, we are seeking contributions to help defray the costs associated with the event, so that all funds raised can go directly toward the community. 

Would you support our efforts with a tax-deductible donation? For more information, visit their website, www.hopewalkofyatescounty.org; contact them by email at hopewalkofyatescounty@gmail.com; or by phone at 607-283-HOPE (4673). Find the Hope Walk on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hopewalkofyatescounty