Protesters overrun Reed's Geneva office

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Protesters outside Rep. Tom Reed's Geneva office.

Protesters are currently occupying Congressman Reed’s office in Geneva. The staff is attempting to address their concerns and use of office property.

“We consistently work to start a conversation with the protesters about the issues they are concerned with. We look forward to continuing the conversation at our town halls this Saturday,” Reed stated.

"As the office is overtaken by protesters, I hope those constituents we help every day will not be hindered by this disruption to our operations, as I care deeply that those individual needs are addressed. These are real people with real problems and we cherish the opportunity to be helpful,” Reed added.

As protests around the country heat up, New York’s 23rd Congressional District has been no stranger to large crowds at district offices. Protests have been occurring at many of the offices around the district.

Congressman Reed will hold four town halls this weekend to talk with and listen to individuals of the 23rd District. Details can be found here.