Yates gets $44,370 to buy license plate reader packages

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Thirty-one law enforcement agencies across New York State, including Yates County Sheriff’s Department, will share nearly $1 million in grants to reduce, solve, and prevent crime. Yates County Sheriff’s Office will receive $44,370 for three license plate reader packages. The agency will use the technology in its efforts to reduce burglaries and other crimes.

“Crime has gone down across our state in the last several years, and the state is continuing to invest in making New York safer,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, “The safety of New Yorkers is a top priority for the State, and these grants will help local police and sheriff departments purchase the tools they need to fight and prevent crime.”

Administered by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), the Operation IMPACT Tools grants were made available to law enforcement agencies in 40 Upstate counties that had not otherwise participated in the state’s Operation IMPACT program, which has since transitioned to the Gun Involved Violence Intervention (GIVE) initiative.

Both IMPACT and GIVE target 17 counties that account for 80 percent of the reported crime in the state outside of New York City. Agencies within those 17 counties not already funded through IMPACT/GIVE also were eligible to apply for Tools grants, which are designed to encourage law enforcement agencies in smaller jurisdictions to use active partnerships; timely, accurate crime data; sharing of information; and effective strategies to target and reduce crime in their communities.

DCJS Executive Deputy Commissioner Michael C. Green said, “Our experience with Operation IMPACT has shown us how important and effective partnerships among law enforcement agencies can be in fighting and preventing crime of all types. Crime doesn’t stop at a county, city, town or village border, and giving assistance to smaller agencies that otherwise wouldn’t have resources like this is crucial to public safety and protecting the people of New York.”

The grants, which total $976,790, were awarded to 27 police departments and four sheriffs’ offices in 21 counties. Including these grants, New York State has provided nearly $5.2 million to 129 agencies since the Tools program was created in 2005.