County contracts for weights, measures service

Gwen Chamberlain The Chronicle-Express

In a services sharing move, Yates County has agreed to contract with Schuyler County for weights and measures services beginning this year.

Yates County will pay Schuyler County $22,000 to provide the services of the weights and measures department for 2015. This move comes after the retirement of Yates County’s part time weights and measures director.

The 2015 budget that was adopted by the legislature in December included total spending for the weights and measures department of $26,108, which included salary and contractual expenses, but reflected a salary reduction from just over $24,000 to $22,000.

The vehicle used by the director will be returned to the highway department’s fleet, according to County Administrator Sarah Purdy.

Schuyler County’s weights and measures department also serves Chemung County.

Two legislators ‚ Robert Clark of District II (Benton) and Elden Morrison of District I (Jerusalem).  Morrison offered a motion to table the agreement until February, but his motion received no second. He said he would prefer to wait until a contract is drafted and he would prefer to see a three-year agreement.

Other business at the Legislature’s year end meeting Dec. 30 included:

• SALARIES: Legislators adopted the 2014 hourly salary schedules and non-union salary schedules. There are slight increases in the hourly salaries, but no changes in the non-union salaries. The legislature is still in negotiations with Council 82, the bargaining unit for deputies and corrections officers.

• TAX RATES: The legislature adopted 2015 tax rates and the equalization apportionment table. County tax rates per $1,000 of value are Barrington: $7.107; Benton $7.108; Italy $7.125; Jerusalem: $7.332; Middlesex: $7.107; Milo: $7.253; Potter: $7.121; Starkey: $7.135; and Torrey, $7.111.

• OPEN ACCESS FIBER: Legislators agreed to discontinue negotiations with Access Ontario and continue negotiations with Southern Tier Network for construction and management of the Yates County Open Access fiber network. See related article on page 1.

• HANGAR RENTAL: Legislators authorized a rental agreement with Aire-Tech Rotorcraft Services for the north hangar at the Yates County Airport. The company will use the hangar for a facility to refurbish light helicopters for a variety of customers. See related article on page 1.

The legislature’s January meeting will be held at 1 p.m. Monday, Jan. 12.