Yates County 911 renovations complete

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Yates County Sr. Dispatcher Eric Marelli at a 911 CAD position in the Public Safety Building.

The Yates County 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) has been undergoing renovations for several months, and recently moved into a larger room within the Public Safety Building. The changes were made to accommodate new communication equipment, IT cabling, computer aided dispatch known as CAD with radio and telephone computerized positions, adjustable console furniture, chairs, and monitors.

“After initial training for dispatchers, the move came at noon March 18 from the old dispatch room that has been occupied 24-7 for the past 21 years, to the newly renovated area, which has the maximum capacity for six PSAP positions,” said Chief Dispatcher Sandra Smith. “We had our maintenance providers for radio, telephone, and installed equipment present for the transition, as well as employees from the county IT department and buildings and grounds.”

It has taken a few days to work out the adjustments and some reprogramming glitches, but all is well, according to Sheriff Ron Spike. He says the ability to renovate and upgrade this system, which is more than two decades old, came from a $300,000 Consolidation and Sustainability Grant from NYS Homeland Security Interoperable Communications.

“This commences the PSAP’s readiness for Next Generation 911 capabilities and modernizes the communications equipment for police, fire, and emergency medical operations,” said Spike, the project’s director. “This phase of the project took several months, and we will soon implement a new master clock upgrade, telephone and radio recording upgrades, and the second phase of a new 911 telephone switch equipment and software this fall.”

Yates County will be collaborating via fiber with Seneca County 911 so the counties can back one another up for 911 calls.

The primary goal of the grant project is to safeguard the county’s 911 call-taking and public safety radio dispatch systems to provide support around the clock, and to insure reliability and longevity for the investment. And by using grants, this was done while saving local tax payer’s funds said Spike.

The present training room and youth office was converted to the new PSAP area, and now the old dispatch area will be renovated for a training room, although it will be a smaller one.

An open house for the public is being planned for sometime in April.